//This is a template and you can alter any designs and formats.

**Concept [#h35a007f]
This sorc is just for getting gold and d-stones in normal and nothing else. I run lost farm in around 3-4 minutes each run, collecting all gold, oil/rancid gas potion, scrolls, organs, jewels, gems and dragon stones. Each run gives me avg. 1 000 000 without selling the potions, and i would say thats pretty good for so short time. Half an hour can give me 10 million gold :) Atm i have 3675 gold find%, and i can still get a bit more.

**Current Stats [#lbdd1a9a]

:Immolation Damage|557-575
:Defense|2026 (7111 with Fire Shield)
:Max Life|612 
:Max Mana|1330 
:Resists|F:95 C:87 L:87 P:87

**Base Stats [#hc3e476d]
When i started the build it was gonna be a pure ench sorc, but i changed my mind after lvl 50 or so, so the stats got a bit screwed, but it doesnt matter for this build.
:Strength|95 or Minimum Requisite for Equipments

**Skills [#a2d19463]
The 1 skill in telekinesis save SO much time when collecting gold and potions in lost farm.
:Fire Mastery1|20
:Fanatic Swing|3
:Soul Shiver|1
:Static Field|1
:All prerequisites|1

**Equipments [#fdb524cd]
The gear isnt perfect yet, i can change the helm to get 50 more gf, i still need to socket rings and amulet for jewels, and some of the jewels has lower than max gf%.
:Weapon1|Gluttony runeworded crystal sword	
:Armor|	Wealth runeworded thorned armor
:Shield|Magic shield (Jeweler prefix, 4 soc)
:Gloves|Goldark's Strap (Unique muscle belt)
:Belt|Goldark's Strap (Unique muscle belt)
:Boots|Goldark's Strap (Unique muscle belt)
:Amulet|Lover's pendant (unique lvl 5)
:Ring1|Element jewel (Unique lvl 30)
:Ring2|Element jewel (Unique lvl 30)
:Inventory|Veteran odd charm (Wealth runeword)

**Hirelings [#y4d91eb0]
My merc has one job, and its only to give me prayer and meditation(insight lvl 17 med.) Since prayer works twice i heal incredibly fast and dont need to use potions what so ever :)
//:Type|Act 1 Rogue (Fire)
:Type|Act 2 Desert Mercenary (Prayer)
//:Type|Act 3 Iron Wolf (Fire)
//:Type|Act 5 Barbarian (Defensive)
:Weapon|Insight LoD runeword (Bec-de-corbin 4 soc)
:Helm|Learned One runeword (Death mask 4 soc)
:Armor|	Mercenary Wraps N 
:Gloves|Achilles set
:Belt|Achilles set
:Boots|Achilles set
:Amulet|The eye of etlich (LoD unique lvl 15 amulet)
:Ring1|Elemental Jewel (Unique lvl 30)
:Ring2|Manald Heal (LoD unique lvl 15)

**Strategy & Tips [#kc62868c]
Just tele around, kill cows with immo, and loot :)


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