*Autechre - Two-Handed Zealot [#c2085d6d]


**Character Intro and Overview [#ce7e2bec]
Autechre was developed at the Immortal's Grand Championship tourney. While he didn't make a stunning score, this character was played at /players 8 full-time. That being said, he is the first character of mine to complete Hell on /players 8.

Note, finishing Hell means getting up to Baal and killing him to earn the King status. By no means is he a domain controller (Naraku runner). But I am fairly impressed at how far he's actually gone.

**Stats and Attributes [#wb63b766]
 LCS Shows the following:
 Level 92
 Str: 350   Base: 300
 Dex: 116   Base: 100
 Vit: 164   Base: 130
 Ene: 45    Base: 25

 Life: 7759  Mana: 380
 Attack Rating: 14064
 Before Defense: 28972  After Merc Defiance: 57294
 Zeal Damage: 17K - 57K
 All Resistances at 79 except Cold and Poison which is at 87 in Hell
 LCS says: 266% Fire, 251% Cold, 277% Lightning, 290% Poison
 Notable Stats:
 -81% Target Defense, 20% Open Wounds, 54% Crushing Blow, 48% Deadly Strike
 58% Damage Reduction, 73% FHR, 27% D/A/E

**Skills [#ac22661b]
 Weapon has 2H Melee Passive

-Fanaticism: Max (Level 32)
-Holy Shield: Max (Level 36)
-Zeal: Max (Level 37)
-Vengeance: Max (Level 36)
-Sacrifice: Rest (Currently 26)

**Equipment [#t4b58906]
-Veil of Steel, socketed with Blemished Diamond, d-stoned +life
-"Mighty" sharkskin gloves, D-stoned +% Life
-Ethereal "Zenith" Chain Shirt, D-stoned +% Life
-Rare Guardian (I have it entered in "Rate the rare!" topic), Tsu-forged and socketed with a Wa rune.
-"Trip" sharkskin boots, D-stoned +Life
-LoD String of Ears, Ho-forged and socketed with a Nexus Star, forged +16 Resists; d-stoned resists, +4 Light Radius and +life
-LoD Raven Frost (CBF), socketed with Perfect Ruby and d-stoned Open Wounds, forged +1 All Skills
-Rare dual-leech ring with +AR, forged +16 all res
-Holy Deviant (Holy Pendant), forged +16% Life

10 Square Charms, one +1 Offense Auras; two socketed w/ +16% Life-forged Lady Eboshi's Greed, one +16% Life-forged Nexus Star; two perfect diamonds; two blemished diamonds; three perfect rubies used. "Harmony" veteran's charm. Lothar's Will forged +16% Life; Perfect Cell forged +1 Paladin Skills.

Most of the charms have +Life, some +AR, few both +AR/+Life :) I also have a rare +1 Offense Auras GC skiller. Life was very important to this build since he does not have a shield, so was FHR. The -% Target Defense on the diamonds made things a little easier versus minion/boss packs, but not Act Bosses; however, the bonus against Demons on the Guardian made it much easier to fight off the bosses. I mainly used the diamonds for the defense boost and the +% Crushing Blow; the -% Target Defense was just a nice bonus.

**Merc and Merc Equipment [#gcbb3623]
 Ethereal Sultan's Conqueror, Ya-forged and Ya-socketed
 Burial Mask of Marduuk, Ni-forged and socketed with blemished diamond
 Atlastrust, Ho-forged for resistances
 5% LL Ring
 Beads of the Guardian (CBF)
 Achilles' set, Ri-forged boots and Ya-socketed gloves. (Boots were Ri-forged to
 alleviate the Lightning resist penalty.)

Ah, my henchidiot is an Act 2 Defiance merc from the start. He had fallen and risen many times, mainly because I needed help, the defense boost, and a small score buff. Once I gave him the late equipment and tweaked the equipment to what it is above, his survivability increased, but he was still in no ways capable of facing later Hell bosses.

**What is the "after-party" that is mentioned? [#a543241d]
The "after-party" is monster battles that are fought after the Act Boss is defeated. I mainly use the "after-party" to get my Mercenary to rebuff my Defense in order to make an accurate defense score; however, this also skews my other stats a bit, mainly Experience.

There is always an "after-party" in Worldstone Chamber, unless you went to kill everyone before facing Baal. Then there is no "after-party" unless you use prior Waypoints.

**What was his entry on the IGC thread at this 09:07:56 [#t5558c27]
**What was his entry on the IGC thread at the moment? [#t5558c27]
 Player       Immortal’s Name (Class)     Experience    Damage        Defense       Life          Total
 thepsycho2   Autechre (Pal) *            409,320       209,700       57,294        232,770       909,084

Seize the moment, baby!

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