*Bambi - Strafer [#s00e4e6a]


**Character Intro and Overview [#lcc55bae]

This character is a classic strafer and absolutely rules the domain primarily due to having a great merc and two maxed valks with the right mouse button free to re-summon them quickly.  I have tried using one of my nice 0skill rings on my right mouse button and it does improve damage some, but this build is so strong as-is it really doesn't need it.

Bambi has good resists (pretty much maxed) and 2900 life.  I died a lot in the domain until this level of resists/life so I would say it is pretty much the minimum for the build. When I initially built this character my act2 might merc used the merc set.  This worked ok, but he died often on the end bosses in the domain and the treant pack etc. I admit I splurged a bit my upgraded merc equipment, but it was probably the final key to having a successful domain dominator. 

The strafer is also relatively cheap to assemble, using Noir's and Waves sets. For those newer players wanting to try this, the noir helm is usually the difficult piece to get.  You can get lucky with a drop or chitting, but most likely you will chit/get 3 unique exceptional helms that you can base-up and cube.  The build is so strong that I really didn't have to maple the bow at all.

**Stats and Attributes [#m29a9db6]

All points into Dex
**Skills [#z97a451d]

Thank goodness for skill reset.  As the character grows and gains +skills you can make sure that none of the Amazon passives are wasted.

So, upon reset of the skills max your valk and put enough decoy points to get your two valk's. Next go down the right side and 1 point them all.  Then, add enough points to get your 100% in pierce and deadly strike.

I have never had to use decoy or slow missles so I didn't point them. I read that many people swear by them, I guess I have learned how to play without them so feel free to do as you wish with those talents.

Max strafe and add all remaining points to strafe synergies.
**Equipment [#t7ff40f2]

**Merc and Merc Equipment [#g39abcc0]

**Comments [#x30543a3]
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