*Hentai_GD - Samurai [#eddee1fc]


**Character Intro and Overview [#y85feeb3]
&ref(Hentai_GD.jpg); &ref(damage.jpg);
Wanted to make an Assassin that could live up to the name. Most of my other attempts have failed. I could never get the stats balanced right on a Throw/Bow/Claw Assassin. 
The last "good" sin I could remember making wielding a Katana was "Bunshin-Kage" back in 1997. More then a decade later... This one worked out alright. 
The last "good" sin I could remember making wielding a Katana was "Bunshin-Kage" back when Eastern Sun came out. I've lost count of how many years its been... This one worked out alright. 

Best way I found to play this character was to charge up Tiger Strike and run around swinging Dragon Blade. Seeing as it wouldn't discharge Tiger Strike (So you run around with an extra 7XXX% Enhanced damage.) Whether or not that Tiger Strike damage gets carried around.. That I'm not sure.

**Stats and Attributes [#eae8aec7]

&ref(StatsNew.jpg); &ref(Stats2.jpg);
&ref(Stats3.jpg); &ref(Stats4.jpg);  
Base Stats:
50 Strength
50 Dexterity
460 Vitality
20 Energy
**Skills [#hf39274a]
Base Skills:
30 Tiger Strike
30 Iaigiri
25 Dragon Blade
20 Phoenix Strike
3 Melee Mastery
3 Shuriken
1 Burst of Speed/Fade/Venom/Shade Armor
1 Blade Shield/ Blade Sentinel
Level 31 Enchant oskill
**Equipment [#p6ff4966]
Call to Arms + Rift in off hand.
Jewels used: 14x Magic Jewel of the Werewolf ("Strength" jewels)
Forges: All gear is Mo forged for Strength except both rings are Ne forged for Dex. Jewels are forged with Martial Arts
&ref(Katana3.jpg); &ref(KatanaJewels.jpg);
Wo forged eth rare Katana with 2 Enhanced Damage jewels in it.Those are the jewels next to it. I wish I had a screen shot of the sword before I messed with it! 

&ref(Armor.jpg); &ref(Helmet.jpg); 
I had tried using Eternal Reign but it clearly didn't hold up as well as an Indomitable out on the battle field. 
 Dodge is a life saver.
I switched from a Crown of Ages to Veil of Steel because I needed the 50% all resistance it has. Balancing out what I lost out from not wearing the Eternal Reign.
&ref(Belt.jpg); &ref(Boots.jpg); 
Belt/Boots/Gloves are pretty straight forward. He runes in/forged Gloves. Mo forged belt/boots with Strength jewels inside.
I tried using rare gloves with Fury+Werewolf for the Werewolf's low FHR breaking points.
&ref(Ammy.jpg);  &ref(Ring1.jpg); 
My jewelery. Concentration Aura forged the Amulet for a little damage boost. 
Both my rings were the same almost. 
Cloak of Shadows / Tiger Strike on one.
Cloak of Shadows / Dragon Blade on the other.

**Merc and Merc Equipment [#x3e97690]
I have a Act1 Lightning Rouge merc.
Inner Sight was the main reason I wanted this merc. Also she could stay her distance while I chopped away at things.
I would have 2 Bows for her. Faith and Mighty. If I play by myself I'd use the Faith for damage/attack speed. Playing with other people I pick the Mighty because it doesn't have an aura. 
She also has Mighty Gloves on as well as a Theif for a helmet. 12% CTC lvl 25 Shock Armor boots to keep her alive. As well as Band of Constriction belt for resistance.
&ref(Bow.jpg); &ref(Armor.jpg); 
A high Life Leech ring to keep her alive.
**Comments [#ma6e98cc]
- nice job DG! That's some insane dmg, almost a 1/2 a million!!!booooom! -- [[yurmy]] &new{04-16-2010 (Fri) 17:16:48};
- I like all your non-caster chars so much!  -- [[cpt_chaos]] &new{04-16-2010 (Fri) 10:43:08};
- Changing Image host from Photobucket to Miyoshino. ( Why I never did this before I dunno). -- [[Daishi_GD]] &new{10-29-2009 (Thu) 19:18:27};
- Updated Weapon+Stat. Re-wrote the information to match my other builds. -- [[Daishi_GD]] &new{10-29-2009 (Thu) 10:58:32};

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