*Lust - Javazon [#g078cad2]


**Character Intro and Overview [#u52f6020]

Lust is the Amazon from my heptad team. She is a pretty much standart Javazon, the only thing special about her might be Lothars Cape for oskill Shade Armor. 

To do list:

**Stats and Attributes [#q68337d2]

All Energy

**Skills [#cd904149]

***Hardpoints [#pf7d0b5b]

-Pyre Javelin: Max
-Plague Javelin: Max
-Frost Javelin: Max
-Lightning Fury: Max
-Penetrate, Pierce: 1 (will be reallocated after Heptad)
-Jab: All remaining points

***Staffmods [#g73f0e69]

-Valkyrie: from LC
-Dodge: from Veterans Odd Charm

***Oskills [#u9cae809]
-Battle Orders 
-Shade Armor
-Fire Mastery
-Iron Skin

**Equipment [#q87e32dc]
The equip is pretty much complete, it only lacks Lightning Mastery. 

***Main [#e060b4ef]

-LoD Titans Revenge, base-upped, socketed 2x Jindujun
-Rare shield with +1 skills and resists
-"Archdimeron" Titania Crown
-Lothars Cape
-Triple Rumour of Pain, for 40+ Fire, Poison and Lightning resist reduction
-Rare Ring with +1 all, +1 ama, +2 javelin, Iron Skin oskill 
-Rare Ring with +1 ama, +1 javelin, Fire Mastery oskill
-Plagues last Arrowhead

***Inventory [#ac528aa6]

-Unique charms
-"Captive" RW Veterans odd charm
-Javelin skills grand charms 

***Weapon switch: [#t09eb7c0]

BO javelin, skill shield

**Merc and Merc Equipment [#q1edac65]

Act5 Offensive Barbarian
His Job is to tank and to cast Ancients Call and Battle Commands  

-Hermes Gift

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