*Omen - Necromancer - Retired =\[#x4b69183]
But might come back and even update the wiki recipes! =)
**Character Progress [#sfe14c9e]
ES Version: R5D
:To Do:|
-Gamble a good Necro amulet with either a perfect (+16) oskill Might, or Teleport and some +skills.
-Find/cube a large charm with Corpse Explosion.
-Finish tinkering [[Fiona's armor:http://miyoshino.la.coocan.jp/eswiki/?Hall_Omen#i9933afe]] with +to min/max damage. Need to collect Solid Mercury and Pulsing Opal.
-Reach lvl 97. Status: 33.56% completed. 
//2,492,671 - lvl95; 2,717,422 - lvl96; total xp needed: 224,751K
//2,717,422 - lvl96; 2,962,422 - lvl97; total from 96 to 97: 244,978K
-Increase EnhDam on [[Fiona's bow:http://miyoshino.la.coocan.jp/eswiki/?Hall_Omen#r4ebc4d9]]. Status: 53.33% done (480% EnhDam out of 900%)
-Find/cube a 'Knowledgeable Jewel of Avarice'. Found so far: 0
-Find/cube a '[Prefix] Small Charm of the Collector'. Found so far: 0

-Converted all pieces of Goldarks on Fiona to gloves, forged with &COLOR(#690194){''He''}; for +max damage/clvl and converted back to belt and boots. 
-Reached lvl 96.
-Traded from Jamella a magic [[Bloodlord Skull:http://miyoshino.la.coocan.jp/eswiki/?Hall_Omen#b6d0dea9]] with 'Golemlord's' prefix for weapon switch. (07/02/07)
-Dstoned one more dexterity on [[Fiona's armor:http://miyoshino.la.coocan.jp/eswiki/?Hall_Omen#i9933afe]] for a nice round number of 50.
-Replaced Life Cleaver on weapon switch for LoD RW [[Call To Arms and Stormwynd's Mania Unique Tower Shield:http://miyoshino.la.coocan.jp/eswiki/?Hall_Omen#b6d0dea9]]. (06/19/07)
-Finished replacing Fiona's Achille's Gloves and Boots for Goldarks.
-Gambled 'Plague's Last Arrowhead' - the unique amazon ammy for annihilation forge on Omen's ammy. Gold spent: about 25,000,000.
-Finished gem melding Gold Find on [[Fiona's helm:http://miyoshino.la.coocan.jp/eswiki/?Hall_Omen#q4e19d70]] until maple leaves are required.
-Reached lvl 95.

**Character Intro and Overview [#d2dd5088]
Omen is basically a golemancer whose aim is to get as much Extra Gold % as possible while still being viable in almost all areas in Hell. Since ALL his equipment is (or will be) geared towards Extra Gold, he relies very heavily on his faithful Fire Rogue, Fiona (Shrek, anyone?). His current Extra Gold is 3891% and 5589% when Fiona deals the killing blow which is probably 90% of the time with her 5673-42170 damage. He gets rich so fast he could make Scrooge McDuck proud, but there's still a LOT of room for improvement.
**Stats and Attributes [#j9200d39]
All points were dumped into Vitality, which translates into about 4000 life after Battle Orders from weapon switch. That's plenty for somebody who has 10 tough golems to do the tanking.

I listed most of his attributes in the table. All attributes are ''after'' Battle Command, Battle Orders and all auras, with main weapon/shield setup, not weapon switch. Basically, this is how I would play him. If an attribute is not listed it's either at 0 or is really not important for him.

|>|>|>|>|CENTER:BGCOLOR(black):COLOR(white):''Omen''|>|>|CENTER:BGCOLOR(black):COLOR(white):''Necromancer''|BGCOLOR(white):|LEFT:BGCOLOR(black):COLOR(#BEC553):&size(11){818% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items};&br;&size(11){3891% Extra Gold from Monsters};&br;&br;&size(11){5589% Extra Gold from Monsters&br;(When Mercenary Makes the Kill)};&br;&br;COLOR(#A0996B):&size(11){+5% to Experience Gained};&br;&br;COLOR(#742827):&size(11){Increase Maximum Life 150%};&br;&size(11){Drain Life -2};&br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(11){Increase Maximum Mana 109%};&br;&size(11){Regenerate Mana 56%};&br;&size(11){48% Damage Taken Goes To Mana};&br;&br;COLOR(white):&size(11){+11 to All Skills};&br;&br;COLOR(#694714):&size(11){34% Chance of Crushing Blow};&br;&br;COLOR(white):&size(11){Damage Reduced by 20%};&br;&size(11){+16% Faster Run/Walk};&br;&size(11){+35% Faster Hit Recovery};&br;&size(11){+160% Faster Cast Rate};&br;&br;COLOR(#742827):&size(11){Fire Resist +248%};&br;&size(11){+31% to Maximum Fire Resist};&br;&br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(11){Cold Resist +302%};&br;&size(11){+7% to Maximum Cold Resist};&br;&br;COLOR(#BEC553):&size(11){Lightning Resist +234%};&br;&size(11){+7% to Maximum Lightning Resist};&br;&size(11){+29 Lightning Absorb};&br;&br;COLOR(#115910):&size(11){Poison Resist +237%};&br;&size(11){+7% to Maximum Poison Resist};&br;&size(11){Poison Length Reduced by 0%};|
|CENTER:BGCOLOR(black):COLOR(white):&size(10){''Level''};&br;''96''|>|>|>|CENTER:BGCOLOR(black):COLOR(white):&size(10){''Experience''};&br;''2,799,639,443''|>|>|CENTER:BGCOLOR(black):COLOR(white):&size(10){''Next Level''};&br;''2,962,400,612''|~|~|
|>|CENTER:BGCOLOR(black):COLOR(white):&size(10){''Strength''};|CENTER:BGCOLOR(black):COLOR(#4D4F9C):''230''|BGCOLOR(#565656):|>|>|CENTER:BGCOLOR(black):COLOR(white):&size(10){''Poison Slash Damage''};|CENTER:BGCOLOR(#232323):COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(10){''1084-3296''};|~|~|
|>|>|>|BGCOLOR(#565656):|>|>|CENTER:BGCOLOR(black):COLOR(white):&size(10){''Might (Lvl 28, +455% ED)''};|BGCOLOR(#232323):|~|~|
|>|CENTER:BGCOLOR(black):COLOR(white):&size(10){''Dexterity''};|CENTER:BGCOLOR(black):COLOR(#4D4F9C):''193''|BGCOLOR(#565656):|>|>|CENTER:BGCOLOR(black):COLOR(white):&size(10){''Poison Slash Attack Rating''};|CENTER:BGCOLOR(#232323):COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(11){''5126''};|~|~|
|>|>|>|>|~|>|CENTER:BGCOLOR(black):COLOR(white):&size(10){''Fire Resistance''};|CENTER:BGCOLOR(#232323):COLOR(#A0996B):&size(11){''95''};|~|~|
|>|>|>|>|~|>|CENTER:BGCOLOR(black):COLOR(white):&size(10){''Cold Resistance''};|CENTER:BGCOLOR(#232323):COLOR(#A0996B):&size(11){''82''};|~|~|
|>|>|>|>|~|>|CENTER:BGCOLOR(black):COLOR(white):&size(10){''Lightning Resistance''};|CENTER:BGCOLOR(#232323):COLOR(#A0996B):&size(11){''82''};|~|~|
|>|>|>|>|~|>|CENTER:BGCOLOR(black):COLOR(white):&size(10){''Poison Resistance''};|CENTER:BGCOLOR(#232323):COLOR(#A0996B):&size(11){''82''};|~|~|

**Skills [#s6f92bc1]
No big numbers here, but still good, considering most of +all skills gear was sacrificed for Extra Gold. I like it how I got all major curses from items, so I don't have to spend a single point in that tree. I just need to find something with Corpse Explosion that would save another 3 skill points. These are numbers with all items equipped and +1 to All Skills from Battle Command:

|Summoning Skills&br;(from weapon switch)|Poison and Bone Skills|Curses|h
|Clay Golem: 48&br;Blood Golem: 53&br;Metal Golem: 54&br;Fire Golem: 48&br;Golem Mastery: 44&br;Resist All: 29|Poison Slash: 19&br;Poison Explosion: 18&br;Corpse Explosion: 18|Amplify Damage: 19 (item)&br;Decrepify: 19 (item)&br;Confuse: 18 (item)|

I maxed Fire, Metal and Blood Golems, then put skill points in Clay Golem until I could summon 4 of them, and dumped the rest points in Golem Mastery. Maxing Fire and Blood Golems was no brainer, since they increase damage and life respectively and you can get 4 blood golems only if you max both of them. So the choice was either to max Clay Golem and then put points in Metal until getting 4 Clay Golems, or vice versa. I opted for Metal, since Clay Golems can be easily summoned, while nobody likes losing a Metal Golem with a good item in it. 

**Equipment [#id5eb01a]
***Weapon/Shield [#v51a0596]

Blade of Ali Baba can eventually get 463% Extra Gold, but I decided on 'Gluttony' runeword because of the very important '+1 to Find Treasure'. It will pay off more than a few extra GF% from the Blade in the end. I dstoned Faster Cast Rate since FCR speeds up Find Treasure, but I probably should have dstoned max life% instead.

Wirt's Skull has a really low lvl req of 7, and Extra Gold varies from 100% to 200%. I stopped rerolling at 194%, forged it with Ra and inserted a Ra forged jewel of Avarice (37% + 33%). Then, I dstoned some max life and resists:
|CENTER:COLOR(#999363):BGCOLOR(black):&size(12){''Gluttony''}; &br;COLOR(#5A5957):&size(12){''Dimensional Blade''}; &br;COLOR(#999363):&size(12){'''FuToKuNaRu'''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Item Level: 85''};   &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''One-Hand Damage: COLOR(#4D4F9C):27 to 221''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Durability: 37 of 45''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Dexterity: 60''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Strength: 85''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Level: 92''};  &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Sword Class - Fast Attack Speed''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+10% Faster Run/Walk''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+120% Faster Cast Rate''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+86% Enhanced Damage''};   &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+9 to Maximum Damage''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+144 to Maximum Damage (Based on Character Level)''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''7% Mana stolen per hit''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''8% Life stolen per hit''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+1 to Find Treasure''};   &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Hit Blinds Target +2''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Freezes target +2''};    &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''384% Extra Gold from Monsters (Based on Character Level)''};&br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''25% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items''};   &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''144% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (Based on Character Level)''};   &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Level Requirement +48''};   &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Socketed (5)''};|BGCOLOR(white):|CENTER:COLOR(#999363):BGCOLOR(black):&size(12){''Wirt's Skull''}; &br;COLOR(#999363):&size(12){''Preserved Head''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Item Level: 99''};   &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Defense: COLOR(#4D4F9C):14''};   &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Chance to Block: COLOR(#4D4F9C):23%''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Durability: 19 of 20''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''(Necromancer Only)''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Strength: 12''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Level: 94''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+1 to Poison Slash (Necromancer Only)''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+2 to Amplify Damage (Necromancer Only)''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+11 Defense''};            &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+14 to Dexterity''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Increase Maximum Life 52%''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''All Resistances +64''};    &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''314% Extra Gold from Monsters''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''55% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items''};   &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Level Requirement +87''};    &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Socketed (1)''};|

Amazingly enough, this Gluttony-Wirt's Skull combo still falls short of maximum Gold Find% that can be squeezed out of these slots by a Necro. The most Gold Find the Wirt's Skull is ever going to have is 200(inherent) + 50(Ra forging) + 73(40% jewel forged with Ra) = 323%. Combined with Blade of Ali Baba sword that gives us 786% GF or you could combine it with a 6 socket sword with Lems for a total of 773%. These used to be the biggest numbers you could get here, but since gem type of staves was changed a few patches ago, we have another winner now: a Gluttony War/Rune/Arcane Staff. Other than 400% GF at lvl 100, it's possible now to gem meld another 400% for a total of 800%. Unlike the sword, the staff also gets very nice mods like Cannot Be Frozen and some Damage Goes to Mana. I have it ready in my stash, but it will be a while before I equip it:
|CENTER:COLOR(#999363):BGCOLOR(black):&size(12){''Gluttony''}; &br;COLOR(#5A5957):&size(12){''Rune Staff''}; &br;COLOR(#999363):&size(12){'''FuToKuNaRu'''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Item Level: 94''};   &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Two-Hand Damage: COLOR(#4D4F9C):61 to 280''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Durability: 43 of 50''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Strength: 25''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Level: 94''};  &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Staff Class - Fast Attack Speed''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+10% Faster Run/Walk''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+120% Enhanced Damage''};   &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+144 to Maximum Damage (Based on Character Level)''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''8% Life stolen per hit''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+1 to Find Treasure''};   &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Increase Maximum Mana 12%''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+8% to Maximum Fire Resist''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Cannot Be Frozen''};      &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''20% Damage Taken Goes to Mana''};  &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''100% Extra Gold from Monsters''};    &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''384% Extra Gold from Monsters (Based on Character Level)''};&br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''125% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items''};   &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''144% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (Based on Character Level)''};   &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Level Requirement +50''};&br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+50% Damage to Undead''};   &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Socketed (5)''};|

***Body Armor/Headgear [#ybb6a6da]

I have long debated between LoD Wealth and ES Wealth armor, but went for the ES one simply because it has bigger Gold Find and I am building an ultimate Gold Finder. Wealth req lvl is 36 and Drow Adamantite Chain was the clear winner in 'under lvl36' category: bigger defense, low str req and no FRW penalty. I gem melded damage reduction, but maybe max life would have been a better choice here. It will give 350% Gold Find at lvl100. It's possible to get more out of this slot with a 6 socket armor and 5 Ra forged avarice jewels plus Ra rune to avoid Merc Only. That armor would have 73x5 + 50 = 415 Gold Find.

|CENTER:COLOR(#999363):BGCOLOR(black):&size(12){''Wealth''}; &br;COLOR(#5A5957):&size(12){''Drow Adamantite Chain''}; &br;COLOR(#999363):&size(12){'''ToMi'''};     &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Item Level: 85''};   &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Defense: COLOR(#4D4F9C):1588''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Durability: 29 of 30''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Strength: 25''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Level: 93''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+100% Enhanced Defense''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+400 Defense''};          &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+8% to Maximum Fire Resist''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Cold Resist +35%''};      &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Damage Reduced by 20%''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Attacker Takes Damage of 100''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''175% Extra Gold from Monsters''};    &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''168% Extra Gold from Monsters (Based on Character Level)''};                                              &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''100% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''96% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (Based on Character Level)''};                                   &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Level Requirement +57''};   &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Socketed (2)''};|

Same as Gluttony on weapon, the Thief helm beats every other option. It took me some time to cube a 50% Gold Find Dwarven Faceplate, but it will save a couple dozen maple leaves in the end. I only made sure the All Attributes was at maximum 25 and didn't care about life/mana leach.

|CENTER:COLOR(#999363):BGCOLOR(black):&size(12){''Thief''}; &br;COLOR(#5A5957):&size(12){''Dwarven Faceplate''}; &br;COLOR(#999363):&size(12){'''NuSuTsuTo'''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Item Level: 98''};   &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Defense: COLOR(#4D4F9C):364''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Durability: 60 of 60''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Strength: 128''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Level: 96''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''7% Chance to cast level 12 Burst of Speed on striking''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+20% Faster Hit Recovery''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''8% Mana stolen per hit''};   &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''11% Life stolen per hit''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+192 Defense (Based on Character Level)''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+25 to all Attributes''};  &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+72 to Dexterity (Based on Character Level)''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+8% to Maximum Fire Resist''};   &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''15% Reanimate as: Flying Scimitar''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''104% Extra Gold from Monsters''};    &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''384% Extra Gold from Monsters (Based on Character Level)''};&br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''48% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items''};      &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Level Requirement +36''};   &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Socketed (4)''};|

***Gloves/Belt/Boots [#i62bf122]

The strategy with Goldark's is to convert a piece to boots so as to make Gold Find melding possible. Then gem meld until 400%, remove all lvl req and convert back to belt. Repeat same with gloves. Forge everything with Ra and insert Knowledgeable Jewel of Avarice everywhere. Actually, Lem rune inserted in gloves yields 75% Gold Find, just 2% more than a perfect jewel. It's probably not worth sacrificing a prefix on a jewel, but should be mentioned if we are looking for max gold find out of these slots. 

I would say it's very possible that I'll never finish it but for the sake of numbers the resulting Gold Find from one piece would be: 200% at clvl100 + 400% + 50% Ra forging + 73x2 Jewels = 796% Gold Find. So all set would eventually yield 2388% or 2392% with Lem socketed gloves. I can see myself at the age of 70 trying to accomplish all this.

|CENTER:COLOR(#999363):BGCOLOR(black):&size(12){''Goldark's Strap''}; &br;COLOR(#999363):&size(12){''Iron Guards''}; &br;COLOR(#999363):&size(12){'''LemLem'''};   &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Item Level: 99''};   &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Defense: COLOR(#4D4F9C):120''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Strength: 70''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Level: 43''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Indestructible''};        &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+95 Defense (Based on Character Level)''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+30 to Strength''};       &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''300% Extra Gold from Monsters''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''192% Extra Gold from Monsters (Based on Character Level)''};                                                &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Socketed (2)''};|BGCOLOR(white):|CENTER:COLOR(#999363):BGCOLOR(black):&size(12){''Goldark's Strap''}; &br;COLOR(#999363):&size(12){''Muscle Wrap''};          &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Item Level: 99''};   &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Defense: COLOR(#4D4F9C):128''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Strength: 80''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Level: 33''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Indestructible''};        &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+96 Defense (Based on Character Level)''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+54 to Strength''};       &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+36 to Vitality (Based on Character Level)''};       &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Cold Resist +35%''};       &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''284% Extra Gold from Monsters''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''192% Extra Gold from Monsters (Based on Character Level)''};                                                &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''18% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Socketed (2)''};|BGCOLOR(white):|CENTER:COLOR(#999363):BGCOLOR(black):&size(12){''Goldark's Strap''}; &br;COLOR(#999363):&size(12){''Crystal Boots''};        &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Item Level: 99''};   &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Defense: COLOR(#4D4F9C):119''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Strength: 50''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Level: 93''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Indestructible''};         &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+96 Defense (Based on Character Level)''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+30 to Strength''};       &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''20% Damage Taken Goes To Mana''};       &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''355% Extra Gold from Monsters''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''192% Extra Gold from Monsters (Based on Character Level)''};                                                &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''93% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Level Requirement +68''};   &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Socketed (2)''};|

***Jewelry [#xf2216f8]

There is no ring or amulet with Gold Find per char lvl, so ALL rings and ammys can be end game as far as Gold Find goes. They are also most cost effective since they get 10% Gold Find per dstoning. An honorable mention goes to Dwarf Star from LoD which has 100% Gold Find originally and I had one dstoned till 200%, but since any ring can eventually get 400% and Dwarf Star doesn't have any oskills, it's not end game. So the amulet and 2 rings are all about oskills. The oskills that I am looking for:
-Teleport. Absolutely indispensable for Necro. It's not even so much about moving quickly, Teleport is a great tactical weapon during combat.

-Might. I have decided to go for Might, because it gives more damage to the Rogue. I'll make Metal Golem out of RW 'Faith' and I hope lvl15 Fanaticism will reach Fiona most of the time. I have two rare rings with high lvl Might, even though I can't use the other one because I need Teleport.

The Cursed Donut is not going to be end-game, I'll definitely change it for something rare with an oskill. I'm keeping the Ghoul Circle ring as end-game because it has a perfect +16 to Might, and also Decrepify saves on several skill points in the Curses tree. I don't like my Teleport ring though, it has to have some +skills to be end-game. +1 to All Skills mod on both of them is forged.

|CENTER:COLOR(#999363):BGCOLOR(black):&size(12){''The Cursed Donut''}; &br;COLOR(#999363):&size(12){''Death's Locket''};  &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Item Level: 88''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''(Necromancer Only)''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Level: 91''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Level 4 Annihilation Aura When Equipped''};        &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+1 to All Skills''};       &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+1 to Necromancer Skill Levels''};                         &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+30% Faster Cast Rate''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+18 to all Attributes''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Regenerate Mana 45%''};   &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+7% to Maximum Poison Resist''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+7% to Maximum Cold Resist''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+7% to Maximum Lightning Resist''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+7% to Maximum Fire Resist''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''All Resistances +52''};   &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+29 Lightning Absorb''};  &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+5% to Experience Gained''};       &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''47% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items''};                                                &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Level Requirement +16''};|BGCOLOR(white):|CENTER:COLOR(#BEC553):BGCOLOR(black):&size(12){''Ghoul Circle''}; &br;COLOR(#BEC553):&size(12){''Necromancer's Stone''};          &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Item Level: 96''};   &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''(Necromancer Only)''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Level: 94''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+1 to All Skills''};        &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+15% Faster Hit Recovery''};        &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+2 to Decrepify (Necromancer Only)''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+16 to Might''};           &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+7 to Mana''};            &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Damage Reduced by 5''};       &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Magic Damage Reduced by 5''};       &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''18% Damage Taken Goes To Mana''};       &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''232% Extra Gold from Monsters''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Level Requirement +52''}; |BGCOLOR(white):|CENTER:COLOR(#BEC553):BGCOLOR(black):&size(12){''Eagle Coil''}; &br;COLOR(#BEC553):&size(12){''Necromancer's Stone''};          &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Item Level: 93''};   &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''(Necromancer Only)''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Level: 96''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+1 to All Skills''};         &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+3 to Minimum Damage''};         &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''10% Chance of Crushing Blow''};        &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+1 to Confuse (Necromancer Only)''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+1 to Teleport''};         &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+23 to Strength''};       &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Replenish Life +6''};    &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Poison Resist +40%''};    &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''214% Extra Gold from Monsters''};                                                &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Level Requirement +60''};|

***Charms [#pd9e04c0]

'Wealth' Odd Charm obviously beats everything else for Gold Find. The situation is more interesting with regular charms. Magic Grand Charm can get 37% Gold Find at clvl 100, magic small charm can get 12%. In theory, 2 socketed Grand Charms will yield the maximum of (37+73)x2= 220% Gold Find and 2 to all skills. 3 magic small charms taking the same space will yield (12+73)x3= 255% Gold Find and +3 to all skills. Here I am assuming socketing with a perfect Ra forged Knowledgeable Jewel of Avarice (+1 all skills, 73% Gold Find). So small charms are clear winners here, as always, actually.

|CENTER:COLOR(#999363):BGCOLOR(black):&size(12){''Wealth''}; &br;COLOR(#5A5957):&size(12){''Odd Charm''}; &br;COLOR(#999363):&size(12){'''ToMi'''};     &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Item Level: 1''};        &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Level: 51''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+1 to Carry One Item Check''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+50 Defense''};           &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Drain Life -2''};           &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+8% to Maximum Fire Resist''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Cold Resist +35%''};      &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''125% Extra Gold from Monsters''};    &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''120% Extra Gold from Monsters (Based on Character Level)''};                                               &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''75% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''72% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (Based on Character Level)''};                                   &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Level Requirement +15''};|BGCOLOR(white):|CENTER:COLOR(#4D4F9C):BGCOLOR(black):&size(12){''Odd Charm of the Collector''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Item Level: 88''};        &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Level: 67''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+1 to All Skills''};      &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''33% Extra Gold from Monsters''};           &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''36% Extra Gold from Monsters (Based on Character Level)''};|

***Weapon Switch [#b6d0dea9]
The LoD runeword Call to Arms is still a very good weapon on switch. Other than the obvious Battle Command and Battle Orders, it has a very nice Prevent Monster Heal mod which is very useful against those poison immune Possessed/Champion packs in red portals. They have insane life regeneration in hell and without PMH it used to take a LOT of time for the Rogue to mow them down on a high /players setting. I was planning to get PMH this way or that and the fact that Call to Arms already comes with it was a very pleasant surprise.

I aimed for the maximum number of + All Skills from weapon switch, so now it only makes sense to summon golems from the switch. But I couldn't summon all of them without a healer's help, so I dstoned Increase Maximum Mana and tinkered +Mana to offset that. I'm not sure what else I should dstone here, maybe just Faster Cast Rate to help the war cries.

Out of all uniques the Stormwynd's Mania unique Tower Shield gets the most +all skills (4). It's also possible to get +4 to All Skills from a rare, but the best shield for switch turned out to be a magic Necromancer Shield/Head with 'Golemlord' (+3 to Summoning Skills) as a prefix, forged with +1 to All skills, socketed with 3 'Knowledgeable' jewels, forged with +to summoning skills. 

I was running back and forth to Jamella in Act 4 for a good couple of hours and netted 8 Golemlord's shields. The staffmods on all of them didn't contribute to golems much, but I just couldn't trade any more.

|CENTER:COLOR(#999363):BGCOLOR(black):&size(12){''CALL TO ARMS''}; &br;COLOR(#5A5957):&size(12){''Flail''}; &br;COLOR(#999363):&size(12){'''AmnRalMalIstOhm'''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Item Level: 85''};   &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''One-Hand Damage: COLOR(#4D4F9C):3 to 75''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Durability: 45 of 45''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Dexterity: 35''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Strength: 41''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Level: 87''};   &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Mace Class - COLOR(#4D4F9C):Very Fast Attack Speed''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+1 to All Skills''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+40% Increased Attack Speed''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+259% Enhanced Damage''};   &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Adds 5-30 fire damage''};  &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''7% Life stolen per hit''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+6 to Battle Command''};   &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+6 to Battle Orders''};    &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+1 to Battle Cry''};              &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Prevent Monster Heal''};                                               &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Replenish Life +12''};    &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+27 to Mana''};                                   &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Increase Maximum Mana 60%''};                    &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''30% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items''};                    &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Level Requirement +30''};   &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+50% Damage to Undead''};                    &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Socketed (5)''}; |BGCOLOR(white):|CENTER:COLOR(#4D4F9C):BGCOLOR(black):&size(12){''Golemlord's Bloodlord Skull''};                                               &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Item Level: 99''};   &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Defense: 130''};       &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Chance to Block: COLOR(#4D4F9C):32%''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Durability: 20 of 20''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''(Necromancer Only)''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Strength: 106''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Level: 95''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+4 to All Skills''};       &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+6 to Summoning Skills (Necromancer Only)''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+13% to Poison Skill Damage''};            &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+1 to Metal Golem (Necromancer Only)''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+1 to Iron Maiden (Necromancer Only)''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+6 to Strength''};           &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+21 to Mana''};              &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Increase Maximum Mana 40%''};              &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Level Requirement +30''};   &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Socketed (3)''};|

**Merc and Merc Equipment [#gc2ac031]
I chose Fire Rogue instead of Cold because I don't want my mercenary to shatter corpses which I could use for Find Treasure. I considered act 2 merc for his aura (might or fana), but I noticed he spends more time running around golems and looking for an opening to stick his spear into, than actually killing. Fire Rogue Fiona has been impressive for that matter and I am very happy with her. I can also load her up on Gold Find because she rarely gets hit and doesn't need a lot of life or damage reduction. I like her AI a lot. If anything approaches close to her, she turns her immediate attention to the intruder. By doing so, she creates a 'safety zone' where Omen always likes to hang around. 

These stats are after Battle Orders with Might, Fanaticism and Concentration active.


***Mercenary Weapon [#r4ebc4d9]

This bow is probably the most expensive piece of equipment I have. I am determined to reach 900% Enhanced Damage on it. Spending so many resources on a merc makes sense in this case since she is my main killing force.

|CENTER:COLOR(#BEC553):BGCOLOR(black):&size(12){''Doom Flight''}; &br;COLOR(#BEC553):&size(12){''Ancient Bow''};          &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Item Level: 94''};   &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Two-Hand Damage: COLOR(#4D4F9C):191 to 1038''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Dexterity: 167''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Strength: 134''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Level: 96''};     &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Bow Class - Fast Attack Speed''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+1 to All Skills''};       &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+3 to Bow and Crossbow Skills (Amazon Only)''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Piercing Attack 12%''};  &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+560% Enhanced Damage''};   &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+288% Enhanced Maximum Damage (Based on Character Level)''};                                              &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+240 to Maximum Damage (Based on Character Level)''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+50 to Maximum Damage''};  &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''10% Bonus to Attack Rating''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+480 to Attack Rating (Based on Character Level)''};   &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+61 to Maximum Fire Damage''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+68 to Maximum Lightning Damage''};    &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+57 to Maximum Cold Damage''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+144 to Dexterity (Based on Character Level)''};   &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Level Requirement +33''};   &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Socketed (2)''};|

***Mercenary Body Armor [#i9933afe]

This time I decided on LoD Wealth just because of +1 All Skills and some extra Dexterity. I dstoned more Dexterity on it and did tinkering. No cap on that yet. I could have used a lower class armor to allow for more dstoning before having to use maple leaves, but I happened to have this ethereal Archaic Armor and I wanted to 'put it to good use'. Still a 6 socket eth armor with 6 'Knowledgeable Jewels of Avarice' would be better here, but I'll stick to this until I find all those jewels which is not going to happen any time soon.

|CENTER:COLOR(#999363):BGCOLOR(black):&size(12){''WEALTH''}; &br;COLOR(#5A5957):&size(12){''Archaic Armor''}; &br;COLOR(#999363):&size(12){'''LemKoTir'''};     &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Item Level: 88''};   &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Defense: 1366''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Durability: 31 of 31''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Strength: 205''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Level: 94''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+2 to All Skills''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Adds 4-5 damage''};          &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+50 to Dexterity''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Damage Reduced by 8%''};      &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+2 to Mana after each Kill''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''300% Extra Gold from Monsters''};    &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''100% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Level Requirement +28''};   &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Ethereal (Cannot be Repaired), Socketed (3)''};|

***Mercenary Headgear [#q4e19d70]

'Thief' wins the competition again. I didn't even realize how great it would be on Fiona until she triggered that Burst of Speed and her bow went flying. Also, almost a 100 more dexterity helps with damage. When I was rerolling the runeword, I aimed at 25 to all attributes and 12 life leech, but the first try that had those numbers also had 12 mana leech. Oh well, I could've used that luck somewhere else...

|CENTER:COLOR(#999363):BGCOLOR(black):&size(12){''Thief''}; &br;COLOR(#5A5957):&size(12){''Dwarven Faceplate''}; &br;COLOR(#999363):&size(12){'''NuSuTsuTo'''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Item Level: 99''};   &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Defense: COLOR(#4D4F9C):376''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Durability: 60 of 60''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Strength: 128''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Level: 96''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''7% Chance to cast level 12 Burst of Speed on striking''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+1 to All Skills''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+20% Faster Hit Recovery''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Piercing Attack 12%''};    &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''12% Mana stolen per hit''};   &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''12% Life stolen per hit''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+192 Defense (Based on Character Level)''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+25 to all Attributes''};  &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+72 to Dexterity (Based on Character Level)''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+8% to Maximum Fire Resist''};   &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''15% Reanimate as: Flying Scimitar''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''98% Extra Gold from Monsters''};    &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''384% Extra Gold from Monsters (Based on Character Level)''};                                               &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''48% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items''};    &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Level Requirement +36''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Socketed (4)''};|

***Mercenary Gloves/Belt/Boots [#p459d767]

The choice with Goldark's set was either to socket and forge everything with Gold Find or damage modifiers. I decided for more damage. It turned out that for forging the best bet is 'He' rune forging. So I converted belt and boots to gloves, forged them with 'He' and converted them back. 
I dstoned dexterity on the belt, gem melded emeralds on the boots and obsidians on gloves. Actually, 9% Enhanced Damage, gem melded on these gloves, gives more damage than the same 9%, gem melded on the bow. Whatever the reason might be, it really makes me want to reach 900% on the gloves too. But the obsidian gem melding is buggy as of R5D giving a garbage mod of 'Attacker Takes Lightning Damage of 5' per meld, so I'll probably wait till it gets fixed and then get another pair of Goldark gloves to work on.

|CENTER:COLOR(#999363):BGCOLOR(black):&size(12){''Goldark's Strap''}; &br;COLOR(#999363):&size(12){''Iron Guards''}; &br;COLOR(#999363):&size(12){'''HeHe'''};       &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Item Level: 99''};   &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Defense: COLOR(#4D4F9C):126''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Strength: 70''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Level: 95''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Indestructible''};        &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+81% Enhanced Damage''};        &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+216 to Maximum Damage (Based on Character Level)''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''9% Deadly Stike''};        &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+96 Defense (Based on Character Level)''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+30 to Strength''};       &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Attacker Takes Lightning Damage of 45''};       &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''100% Extra Gold from Monsters''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''192% Extra Gold from Monsters (Based on Character Level)''};                                                &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Level Requirement +36''};       &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Socketed (2)''};|BGCOLOR(white):|CENTER:COLOR(#999363):BGCOLOR(black):&size(12){''Goldark's Strap''}; &br;COLOR(#999363):&size(12){''Muscle Wrap''};          &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Item Level: 99''};   &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Defense: COLOR(#4D4F9C):126''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Strength: 80''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Level: 96''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Indestructible''};        &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+72 to Maximum Damage (Based on Character Level)''};        &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+96 Defense (Based on Character Level)''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+30 to Strength''};       &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+76 to Dexterity''};       &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+120 to Dexterity (Based on Character Level)''};       &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''100% Extra Gold from Monsters''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''192% Extra Gold from Monsters (Based on Character Level)''};                                                &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Level Requirement +56''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Socketed (2)''};|BGCOLOR(white):|CENTER:COLOR(#999363):BGCOLOR(black):&size(12){''Goldark's Strap''}; &br;COLOR(#999363):&size(12){''Crystal Boots''};        &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Item Level: 99''};   &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Defense: COLOR(#4D4F9C):117''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Strength: 50''}; &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Level: 96''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Indestructible''};         &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+18% Faster Run/Walk''};        &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+72 to Maximum Damage (Based on Character Level)''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''18% Bonus to Attack Rating''};        &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+96 Defense (Based on Character Level)''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+30 to Strength''};       &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+56 to Dexterity''};       &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+144 to Dexterity (Based on Character Level)''};       &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''100% Extra Gold from Monsters''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''192% Extra Gold from Monsters (Based on Character Level)''};                                                &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Level Requirement +36''};   &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Socketed (2)''};|

***Mercenary Jewelry [#de4b23d9]

I decided on Mara for an amulet, because of the skill bonus and resists. There's really no amulet that could boost her damage by any significant amount. Maybe a rare ammy with a ton of dexterity, but I'll just probably stick to Mara's. Something has to take care of resists, right?

Rings of Vengeance were clearly a winner here. The only problem was when I tried to insert  Enhanced Damage jewels they didn't give the bonus, but I think it's covered somewhere in FAQ. It also makes me wonder if the original +15% EnhDam on rings works.

|CENTER:COLOR(#999363):BGCOLOR(black):&size(12){''Mara's Kaleidoscope''}; &br;COLOR(#999363):&size(12){''Amulet''};               &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Item Level: 99''};   &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Level: 93''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Level 5 Concentration Aura When Equipped''};        &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+3 to All Skills''};       &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+10% Enhanced Damage''};                         &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+5 to all Attributes''};         &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+72 to Dexterity (Based on Character Level)''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''All Resistances +78''};                                               &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Level Requirement +26''};|BGCOLOR(white):|CENTER:COLOR(#999363):BGCOLOR(black):&size(12){''Ring of Vengeance''}; &br;COLOR(#999363):&size(12){''Ring''};                 &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Item Level: 64''};   &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Level: 96''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Piercing Attack 25%''};        &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+15% Enhanced Damage''};        &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+48 to Maximum Damage (Based on Character Level)''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''21% Bonus to Attack Rating''};           &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Adds 31-64 Fire Damage''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''10% Life stolen per hit''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''33% Deadly Strike''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+10 to Dexterity''};      &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+96 to Dexterity (Based on Character Level)''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+96 to Life (Based on Character Level)''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Increase Maximum Mana 9%''};            &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Lightning Resist +32%''};       &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Attacker Takes Damage of 50''};       &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''30% Extra Gold from Monsters''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Level Requirement +56''};|BGCOLOR(white):|CENTER:COLOR(#999363):BGCOLOR(black):&size(12){''Ring of Vengeance''}; &br;COLOR(#999363):&size(12){''Ring''};                 &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Item Level: 91''};   &br;COLOR(#CBCDC8):&size(12){''Required Level: 96''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Piercing Attack 25%''};        &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+15% Enhanced Damage''};        &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+72 to Maximum Damage (Based on Character Level)''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''20% Bonus to Attack Rating''};           &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+33 to Attack Rating''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+33% Damage to Demons''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+28 to Attack Rating against Demons''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''10% Life stolen per hit''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''54% Deadly Strike''};     &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+15 to Strength''};       &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+10 to Dexterity''};      &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+36 to Dexterity (Based on Character Level)''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''+96 to Life (Based on Character Level)''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Attacker Takes Damage of 50''};       &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''10% Extra Gold from Monsters''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''18% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items''}; &br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):&size(12){''Level Requirement +76''};|

**Comments [#raa399d4]
- LaetHu http://www.LnAJ7K8QSpkiStk3sLL0hQP6MO2wQ8gO.com -- [[Barnypok]] &new{03-31-2017 (Fri) 23:23:48};
- Merc forging I'm assuming with Obsidian, Thats where the the 8% Damage Reduced come from. -- [[Daishi_GD]] &new{04-19-2011 (Tue) 06:40:08};
- How did you get +2 to the LoD Wealth Armor?  Mine only has +1 and I couldn't forge a +1 on it. -- [[Xanderhunter]] &new{04-18-2011 (Mon) 21:55:20};
- You need to update Your to do list, the new gold kanji runes are far better than RA for forgings. -- [[Goeido]] &new{12-12-2007 (Wed) 13:09:20};
- I'm really not sure if I need extra bodies. There are no problems surviving any special area in Hell, except Nihlathak, which is doable but still not safe. I always play on /players 5 or 8 now, so Revives damage probably wouldn't make a big difference. Eventually all my large charms will be +1(2) to Might (Paladin Only) to even further boost Rogue's damage. I have only 1 of these so far. I haven't updated this page for a long time, because I was busy with wiki recipes, but my necro is lvl 97 now with lvl 43 Might I think. A couple of jewelry slots were upgraded, I gambled another ring with +16 to Might. I will update this page once he is lvl 98. -- [[Easytough]] &new{10-02-2007 (Tue) 16:55:06};
- You should try to get revive and skeleton mastery from large charms, Ive tried the revives on my golemancer and theyre pretty helpful as one-point wonders.  -- [[Goeido]] &new{10-02-2007 (Tue) 15:45:36};
- As far as I can tell the original 15% ED bonus works.  I have a couple of unmodified Rings on a Rogue, and her min damage does go up a little bit when I equip one.  By the way, is it just me or has the Phrozen Keep been down for a while? -- [[Blinn]] &new{07-22-2007 (Sun) 02:26:19};
- I can only say that things are really weird when it comes to damage modifiers. I've done an experiment earlier and posted results [[here:http://phrozenkeep.planetdiablo.gamespy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=45824]]. I double checked those dexterity jewels in the bow and confirmed they give better damage than EnhDam jewel or He rune. I think it's 1% EnhDam for each dexterity point, but that might be this particular bow (mods interfering), or merc only feature since as Tsuru mentioned damage is calculated differently for mercenaries. Just read that post, things are very complicated here. I'll get back to that experiment some time soon. Jump in if you'd like to do some testing too. Any help to sort things out here is appreciated. -- [[Easytough]] &new{07-21-2007 (Sat) 05:13:40};
- The reason the ed does not work on rings of vengence is an old D2 bug, you can't have ED and MAX and/or %MAX ED on a jewel/item outside your weapon, D2 just looks at the max damage instead, you can check this buy taking it on and off and your min dmg does not change.  This should probably be changed, i can't believe Tsuru forgot about this ring.  I remember this because Atlasrust used to get +75% max ed and it never worked out because it wasn't on the weapon, it's like this for all jewels so if you get a a MAX dmg with ED, just put it in your weapon.  BTW i noticed you had dex jewels in your rogue bow.  I'm not entirely sure but I think ED on weapon (like a 60% jewel forged with I should yield around 70% ed per jewel) and the ED on weapon > dex on weapon.  Again i'm not sure, i can check in a min, i have a zon with 1250 dex, and I'm pretty sure i thought the ED jewel > .75 dex jewels...again, just in weapon.  Also you can HE forge your bow also ;) -- [[Frome]] &new{07-20-2007 (Fri) 05:10:14};
- I would go for resists and max life% actually. Necros don't go melee normally, so you don't need much defense, and it's arguable that dmg red% is better than max life%. Hey, max life% works for ALL kinds of damage, right? :) If you get a lot of max life%, try to tinker everything with life, then max life% will be so much more effective. I regret having gem melded dmg red% on my armor now. Maybe I will reroll the runeword and dstone max life% instead. As for the shrunken head, I know a girl in a heaven fortress who can sell it to you pretty cheap, you just keep checking her out... :D -- [[Easytough]] &new{07-05-2007 (Thu) 05:39:21};
- Where the hell did you get that crazy shrunken head with golem prefix or whatever it is, i want one :D, btw whats your advice on dstoning the Wirts skull should i max my reesists 1st then use skulls gem melding on it to increase defense and dmg red. ? -- [[Xc0n]] &new{07-04-2007 (Wed) 21:00:57};
- He can safely do any area in Hell, except Nihlathak Domain. I ventured in there once and I didn't have many problems with the first few superuniques. Well, Magmajuggler gave me a little hard time casting his volcanoes right on top of me, but he was dead eventually. But I had to retreat before the deadly combo of teleporting dragons and that 'the Fuseless' pack. I also lost my Metal Golem then, so it's definitely not safe, and I don't have plans to go there again. He could clear the Domain in Nightmare difficulty though.  Other than that, I like the 1st and the 3rd red portal in Act 5 on around /players 10. The 2nd red portal has too many annoying monsters for me to run regularly.  Right now, I normally start game on /p1 and kill Dclone in Dimensional Gate, then I do a Tristram run for Griswold's Hand, then HoD run for Dstone, then Travincal pack for gold and finally I pump settings to /p9 and do the red portals for xp and gold. I like the red portals. Those boss packs of Sandstorm Nihlathaks are VERY dangerous, but once you learn to handle them, they are very profitable. In my case, I keep teleporting on one spot out of their Sandstorm reach, not letting any golems and especially Metal Golem to come close to the pack, while the rogue is peppering them with arrows. -- [[Easytough]] &new{06-17-2007 (Sun) 04:17:49};
- Where do you use Omen usually? Which difficulty, area, /players setting? -- [[kennz]] &new{06-16-2007 (Sat) 23:46:03};
- Yeah it seems hard to get some of that, but at least i got some clues whats possible and whats almost impossible, thx. -- [[Xc0n]] &new{06-16-2007 (Sat) 19:14:02};
- I really haven't devoted much time to the charms department yet. I have all unique charms except Something Wicked. They are all forged with '+1 to Necro Skills' and I inserted Ra forged Knowledgeable jewels (+1 to All Skills, 33% Extra Gold)  where I could.  I'm really not looking for any more + Necro skills charms, because golems are hard to kill as they are now, and I prefer +All Skills to benefit Might aura, Find Treasure and Battle Orders. I still have a lot to do here. For example, I haven't socketed Vlad' small charm yet. So most charms are just +life and +resists here and there. They give me +7 to All Skills and +5 to Necro Skills total. Ideally, you would need a bunch of small charms of the collector (+12% GF at lvl100) socketed with Knowledgeable jewels of Avarice (+1 all skills, +73% GF). But 'of the collector' suffix has a rarity of 1 which means very rare, and I only have one charm with that suffix and even then it's a grand charm with no prefix. I'll post it in a few. -- [[Easytough]] &new{06-16-2007 (Sat) 05:25:07};
- Could you explain more details from your charms department to see if im missing something ? Because im using some +summoning charms on my necro right now and i rebuilted him to resemble a bit like yours, my first attempt at this necro was to put him all poison and use remain stat points on golems but it didnt worked ok on bosses at players 1 :| -- [[Xc0n]] &new{06-15-2007 (Fri) 21:07:39};
- Actually, I just searched my stash and found rings with Fanaticism and Heart Of Wolverine. I compared the damage that they give to the other +12 to Might ring, and it looks like adding another Might ring (+12) gives most damage to the rogue . Fanaticism gives a lot less damage, so I'll probably make a Faith bow and make Metal Golem out of it. I almost always teleport, so he doesn't disappear that easily. Since I already have another Might ring, I'll be looking for either teleport or might amulet. -- [[Easytough]] &new{06-13-2007 (Wed) 20:03:18};
- Ah, that makes sense, then. I wasn't sure if you just had your merc around for supplemental damage, or if she was the heavy hitter. The way you want to do it makes much more sense, in that case. -- [[MetalShadow]] &new{06-12-2007 (Tue) 04:39:07};
- I am not worried  about golems' damage very much. They are mostly meatshields and the mercenary does all the killing. Metal Golem with Fanaticism tends to be up front with all the other golems, while Fiona is in the back with me. So sometimes the golem's fanaticism doesn't reach her and that's my main concern. If it was the other way around, golem with Might and I would take care of Fana, that would make sure the rogue always has both auras. I made Faith bow before to try it out and I didn't like the damage, so I'll stick to mine. Also I just realized I don't need a second oskill Might ring/amulet, because IIRC if you already have an oskill, you can use the same skill as class specific. For example, if I get a +12  to Fanaticism oskill ring, then I could use a +12 to Fanaticism (Paladin Only) amulet/ring for the full amount. It's a bug of LoD, but everybody considers it feature now. -- [[Easytough]] &new{06-12-2007 (Tue) 04:14:04};
- Golems tend to pop in and out fanaticism's radius when you use it yourself, so I'd stick with the setup you have now. You probably don't want to drop the bow you have now, but you could also use a Faith runeword, since it would give you level 12-15 fanaticism, much higher than your Golem's. This would also let you use your MG to get a higher level annihilation aura than you could with your ammy, and free up your ammy forging for something else. Druid spirits tend to try and "help" your minions out by charging into battle and getting killed, but if you don't mind recasting a lot they're okay. I'm probably seeing things from a weird perspective compared to you, though, seeing as how I mostly play meleemancers and spellslingers -- [[MetalShadow]] &new{06-12-2007 (Tue) 03:54:26};
- Yes, I tried to forge Lem too and it didn't work. When I was calculating the max gold on weapon slot, I for one second thought that Lem socketed 6 socket staff with 400% gem melding would yield 850%, but I realized the staff would take helm mods of Lem too, giving only 300+400=700 Gold Find. Socketed in gloves, though, it gives 2% more per rune. Thanks for the reminder, I'll edit Goldark's set total possible GF -- [[Easytough]] &new{06-11-2007 (Mon) 15:14:26};
- I tried to forge LEM but it doesnt work, probably rune forging and 2/3 rune forging only work with ES runes, so Lem is only good for sockets in the gloves and a weapon. (and a quiver in case of my Zon) -- [[goeido]] &new{06-11-2007 (Mon) 14:35:02};
- Is it possible to get the Lem version of Ra Rune and Forge it instead of Ra, i think it yields better Gold Find% IIRC that was mention way back in the forums by Blinn but i might be mistaken. -- [[Xc0n]] &new{06-11-2007 (Mon) 11:39:31};
- I think Thief is one of the best helms for a rogue. It doesn't have an aura, but other mods make up for it. If the IAS calculator is correct, I need to get  70% IAS somewhere to reach the breakpoint of 9 after Burst of Speed. I'm not sure about the numbers, I'll check them when I get home today. Anyway I'm not even sure if the calculator gives the right results for a mercenary. I'm just assuming she is an amazon. Does anyone know how to calculate IAS for mercenaries? -- [[Easytough]] &new{06-10-2007 (Sun) 21:07:45};
- I really wanted to see all his equip, and thanks for explaining the way of thinking chosing it. Im making a goldfind char, too, but it will be an amazon, for very fast cowruns in lower difficulty levels. I need to get that thief runeword, but havent got the runes in yet in sc.  -- [[goeido]] &new{06-10-2007 (Sun) 10:01:40};
- That is a NICE Bow, what a lucky Rogue!  I notice she wears "Thief", thats good to know as I wasn't sure if giving it to her would crash the game with the scimitars that get resurrected.  Nice!  I might have to give that a try, BoS on a Rogue sounds fantastic. -- [[Blinn]] &new{06-10-2007 (Sun) 05:47:20};

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