*ShadoW - Strafe/Might Paladin [#je85b360]


**Character Intro and Overview [#lf774a0b]


Building a Strafe Amazon was too boring. So I decided to make Might Paladin using Strafe as an Oskill. In my equipment I only use lvl60 Dexterity Jewels. As an Archer I would say maybe Multiple Shot is faster if you go for Baal or Domain Runs. The bad thing is, that a Strafe Amazon with 136k damage would kill 3x faster I guess. But I dont care - ES is just fun.

**Stats and Attributes [#kc96de71]
I use an Act2 Offensive Merc with Fanatism Aura.


Base Attributes
430 nearly all Dexterity

**Skills [#t9c85cea]
Only skilled Might + Synergies

**Equipment [#xe1b50c5]
+1 to All Skills forges and He rune forge at gloves. D-Stoning mostly + Attack Speed, + Piercing Attack or some resists. The weapon is d-stoned with +% enhanced damage.
9 Odd Charms with +1 to Offensive Aura Skills and socketed with + lvl60 Dex Jewels.
Some Square Charms and Grand Charms.
All Unique Charms (except yellow jellow) are forged and socketed with + lvl60 Dex Jewels.

Armor and Helmet:
The Eagle Helm - Very nice stuff on it, Eternal Reign

Weapon and Arrows:
Dual Max Ancient Bow with a lot of Marples to reach 780% enhanced damage. Socketed with 2 enhanced damage jewels(~60%). Amplify damage arrows.

Rare + to Strafe gloves converted into Boots and Belt:

Rings and Amulet:
2x Lvl 75 Paladin Stuff. Nice rare ring with dodge

**Merc and Merc Equipment [#o8b64cd2]
Act2 Hell Offensive Merc with Fanatism
Magic helmet with Lvl 11 Defiance aura when equipped
Tasselhoff Set
LOD Pride Runeword
rare boots with CtC Shock armor when struck
Band of War with concentration aura forge
2x One ring

**Comments [#l8373812]
- decent damage, your movespeed must be low as hell. get BoS or Teleport -- [[orlando]] &new{02-14-2015 (Sat) 16:00:06};

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