*Soso - Dark Enchantress [#r658bf03]


**Character Intro and Overview [#m4915b03]
Soso is a bow enchantress using enchanted summons, too. I toyed with the idea of a ranged enchantress with lots summons for quite a while, and when Firesnake posted a plan in the Frozenkeep Forum, I adjusted it a bit and redid my old sorc. An Enchantress using exploding arrows is ideal in the cow levels, but has problems with unbreakable fire immune bosses.  

***To do list: [#je2b5b9c]
-Maple weapon for fire skill damage
-Get a Titania Crown with +3 Exploding Arrow
**Stats and Attributes [#y250a4e5]
**Skills [#t42debb3]

***Hardpoints [#f54c6faa]
-Enchant: Max
-Fanatic Swing: Max
-Meteor Shower: Max
-Fire Armor: Max
-Fire Mastery: all remaining points
-Soul Shiver: 1

***Staffmods [#d5fa045c]
-Energy Shield

***Oskills [#r9fcacbd]
-Exploding Arrow
-Lower Resists
-Oak Sage
-Battle Orders
-Summon Revive
-Summon Skeleton
-Skeleton Mastery
-Shadow Master

**Equipment [#yd1d35ee]
Items are forged +1 all skills and socketed with +1 sorc skill jewels or sorc skill forged unique jewels if possible.  

-Rare Ancient Bow
-Legolas Quiver
-"ArchDimeron" GW in Titanias Crown, dstoned +Life
-"Eternal Reign" RW in Archmage Robe with +3 Enchant +2 Teleport, dstoned +life
-Magic Exploding Arrow oskill gloves
-Magic Summon Skeleton oskill belt
-Magic Oak Sage oskill boots, socketed Smiif Stone and Laras Jewel
-Rare Ring
-Killshandras Ring
-Mistress Leather Collar

***Inventory [#e67e3d3a]
-All unique charms, socketed +1 all skills jewels if possible, forged sorc skills.
-"Captive" RW odd charm, Energy Shield staffmod
-Fire skills grand charms

***Weapon switch: [#pcc301f3]

-Magic oskill BO Javelin
-Rare +1 skills shield

**Merc and Merc Equipment [#rebb7128]

Act3 fire Sorceror
His job is to carry around Aurora gear and to provide Protection from Fire Aura to boost the summons enchant damage.  

-"Grand Leon" RW Jewelled Edge
-Stonewall unique shield
-"Fox" Runeword armor
-Hermes Gift unique boots
-Beads of the Guardian unique ammy
-2x Zodiac Band unique ring

**Comment [#u7245a8c]
- the merc already needs to provide Annihilation for the summons, and there is no glove/belt/boot slot left to provide Pierce oskill... I like the bow because it provides these two stats which are hard to acquire.  -- [[goeido]] &new{05-18-2009 (Mon) 13:48:24};
- This looks very nice too :) Great Ring! The bow is good too, but I think a magic 6 socket ancient bow with 6x Salamander Stone would boost your damage even better. To get Fana I handed a lvl 7 Fana when equipped crap weapon to my merc. Nice exploding Arrows dmg btw :) -- [[Firesnake]] &new{05-18-2009 (Mon) 10:51:02};

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