*Item Rebalancing [#o2bd5b4c]
In this page we discuss about item rebalancing.
Please post if you found an item too weak or too strong for its rarity and level requirement.
Please see [[this page>ItemRebal_howto]] to learn ''How To Post A New Item''.

**Items Rebalanced in R3D [#w62ac8e6]

[[Items Rebalanced in R3D>ItemRebal_R3D]]

**Items To Be Rebalanced [#x463e196]

Please post your suggestion here.

***Darkmage's Robe [#p7be78d2]
 Robe  36 26 
 +2 To Elemental Skills (Druid Only)
 +2 To Traps (Assassin Only)
 +1 To Necromancer Skill Levels
 +1 To Sorceress Skill Levels
 20% Faster Cast Rate
 (1.25/clvl) +1-125 To Mana
 Regenerate Mana +20-40%
 Damage Reduced By 4-8
 Magic Damage Reduced By 3-5
 Half Freeze Duration
 Poison Length Reduced by 25%

This item is not very Sorc friendly. The +Assassin skills should be removed b/c of Cloaks. The +2 Traps -> +1 sorc or +1-2 sorc tabs. 

#vote(Needs Major Improvement[29],Needs Minor Improvement[37],OK[12],Needs Minor Nerf[8],Needs Major Nerf[7])
- gQZlXXYtYUEaaZp -- [[erbfiinmbfr]] &new{12-23-2012 (Sun) 23:17:31};
- Some of the buffs this cloak/robe thing gives is pretty crappy... -- [[Valherran]] &new{06-26-2007 (Tue) 07:14:38};
- as with the shroud of azalin, unique items dont have staffmods so you cant say its a "sorc armor" but just a "caster armor" -- [[goeido]] &new{06-25-2007 (Mon) 12:16:35};
- but this item has become a "sorc type" armor and should be designed for a sorc, or at least be a reasonable option for a sorc which it isn't now -- [[logger120]] &new{06-06-2007 (Wed) 06:14:16};
- this item is viable for any caster class, and the +2 casting tab skills should counterbalance the +1 all skills for the pure caster classes.  -- [[goeido]] &new{06-04-2007 (Mon) 10:49:13};

 +2 To Elemental Skills (Druid Only) -> +1
 +2 To Traps (Assassin Only) -> +1
 +1 To Necromancer Skill Levels -> +1 To Poison and Bone Skills (Necromancer Only)
 Poison Length Reduced by 25% -> 50%
 (Adds) +1 To All Skill Levels
***Shroud of Azalin [#d8c169c7]
 Shadow Cloak  49 41 
 +1-2 To All Skill Levels
 30% Faster Cast Rate
 Prevent Monster Heal
 +5 To Bone Spirit (Necromancer Only)
 +5 To Bone Wave (Necromancer Only)
 +5 To Bone Spirit
 +5 To Bone Wave
 (Necromancers gain +8 To Bone Spirits and Bone Wave)
 (Other classes gain +10 To Bone Spirits and Bone Wave)
 +10-15 To All Attributes
 All Resistances +20
 +10-15 Mana After Each Kill

The Necro skills confuse me. It seems this was originally designed for a Bone necro but now that it is assassin armor I think it need change.  The rest of the mods are nice but the oskills are pretty much pointless. The dmg of these will be irrevalent so I think it would be betting fitting if the oskills were different (Bone Prison and Wall seem better but assassins already have good crowd control; Pierce Poison&Bone and Lower Resist would be much more help for an assy :wink::wink:). 

#vote(Needs Major Improvement[1],Needs Minor Improvement[12],OK[22],Needs Minor Nerf[1],Needs Major Nerf[1])
- I dont think that darkmages and azalin should be seen as pure sorc or pure asn item. There are many examples of class-related items which are very useful for other classes, so I think it should stay that way. If it was class-only, then something should be done about it.  -- [[goeido]] &new{06-04-2007 (Mon) 10:47:27};

***Lothar's Cape [#t9e2f0e2]
 Shinobi Cloak  80 76 
 Adds 100 Fire Damage
 Adds 100 Lightning Damage
 Adds 100 Cold Damage 0 Sec Duration 
 +5-15% To Fire Skill Damage
 +5-15% To Lightning Skill Damage
 +5-15% To Cold Skill Damage
 +100-150% Enhanced Defense
 All Resistances +30-45
 Damage Reduced By 20%
 Magic Damage Reduced By 10

This is high end elite armor and its pretty junky. The 100 elemental dmg is useless. The armor appears to be for elemental MA so mods should reflect that. Elemental MA needs no additional elemental dmg. +Sin skills, defensive mods, or -%enemy resist (CtC Ancient's Call maybe) would help.  

#vote(Needs Major Improvement[38],Needs Minor Improvement[4],OK[0],Needs Minor Nerf[0],Needs Major Nerf[0])
#vote(Needs Major Improvement[39],Needs Minor Improvement[4],OK[0],Needs Minor Nerf[0],Needs Major Nerf[0])
- I'd say add +1 to all skills, that way, it could be useful for other melee elementalists too (such as spearazons). Also, maybe some absorb? Absorb is hard to come buy and a quite good mod, and this IS an elemental cape after all. -- [[SajberHippien]] &new{07-15-2008 (Tue) 22:14:10};
- The elemental damage is totally meaningless compared to the skill damage of an elemental MA sin who can use that item. Remove the fixed damage and replace with useful mods. -x to enemy resists or (but that may be too powerful) CtC or oskill Lower Resist or Conviction. At least +1 to Asn skills would also be very useful, otherwise the only reason to use this instead of "Unknown" is the CtC Teleport of the latter. -- [[Nameless]] &new{09-12-2007 (Wed) 05:47:26};
- Maybe if the damage was higher i would say it was ok... -- [[Valherran]] &new{06-26-2007 (Tue) 07:16:27};
- I was thinking the same thing about the Dragon Eye Ring.  I agree that the 3x100 elemental damages should be replaced with some + to skills.  I also have never been a fan of the magic damage reduced by XX trait, but I'm unsure as to how much weight it carries so I can't really suggest a replacement mod. -- [[boobers]] &new{04-19-2007 (Thu) 15:07:04};
- The percent to elemental damage needs a little boost or adding a reduction to enemy resists. The 3x100 would have to be boosted or removed. CTC elemental skills could replpace the 3x100 damage to an element.  -- [[Hans]] &new{02-20-2007 (Tue) 00:50:34};
- The last 4 mods are fine.  The 3x 100 damage mods are a complete waste of space, 300 damage spread across 3 lines of attributes while this thing requires level 76.  The +% skill damage mods seem okay, but they are still on the low side.  I'd say dump the 100 elemental mods entirely, and replace them with either some Assassin skill boost or more of an elemental skill damage boost (right now it is as potent as a single Dragon Eye Ring). -- [[Blinn]] &new{02-17-2007 (Sat) 22:25:49};

 Adds 100 Fire Damage -> 300
 Adds 100 Lightning Damage -> 300
 Adds 100 Cold Damage 0 Sec Duration -> 300 
 +5-15% To Fire Skill Damage -> +15-25%
 +5-15% To Lightning Skill Damage -> +15-25%
 +5-15% To Cold Skill Damage -> +15-25%
 +100-150% Enhanced Defense -> +140-180%
 (Adds) Gem Socket (2)

***Kaija's Gown [#q8265eec]
 Archmage Robe  79 75 
 +3 To All Skill Levels
 40% Faster Run/Walk
 40% Faster Cast Rate
 (0.75/clvl) +0-75 To Energy
 100% Better Chance of Getting Magic Item

Looks good until you consider the qlvl and comparable runewords. Compared to RWs this armor lacks a lot. If it is to be an offensive armor it needs more +skills, namely something like another +1-2 all, +2-3 sorc, or +1-3 all sorc tab. If it is to be balanced then it needs major defensive mods like FHR, DR, Defense, Resists, Absorb, etc. 

#vote(Needs Major Improvement[4],Needs Minor Improvement[21],OK[0],Needs Minor Nerf[0],Needs Major Nerf[0])
- For me the "standard" caster armor is still Drizzt's Mithrill. The deciding factor are the +2 skills and the 2 sockets (with the potential for another +2 class and +2 skilltabs). Giving this armor 2 sockets would help a lot. FRW isn't useful for a sorc (teleport), but it's not a complete junk mod either. A few deffensive or utility mods would be useful as well (resists). -- [[Nameless]] &new{09-12-2007 (Wed) 05:59:17};
- Agreed...Resistance would be perfect. -- [[Valherran]] &new{06-26-2007 (Tue) 07:17:37};
- adding some resists would really be nice.  -- [[goeido]] &new{06-04-2007 (Mon) 10:51:00};
- A number of exceptionals are also good enough to compete against this, among them the Unique Mage Plate and Drow Adamantite Chain.  The 8 extra D-stonings really tip it over in their favor, Kaija's Gown could use a tiny boost to make it worth trying to get. -- [[Blinn]] &new{02-17-2007 (Sat) 22:07:06};

***Icon of Sin [#e179fd76]
 Demon Shield  79 75 
 +1 To All Skill Levels
 4-8% Life Stolen Per Hit
 +50-100% Enhanced Defense
 Cold Resist +30-50%
 Poison Resist +30-50%
 Damage Reduced By 10%
 +6-10 Mana After Each Kill
 30% Damage Taken Goes to Mana

I've always though this shield was pretty crappy compared to the other high qlvl shields (prolly cuz I have 3 of these and no Stonewall or Guardian Angel). This is the elite Bone Shield so I've always thought of it as a caster shield b/c of the low defense and relatively low reqs. My suggestion is increase the +skills -> +1-3, ll% -> %FCR, and Cold/Poison resist -> resist all 30-40%.

#vote(Needs Major Improvement[22],Needs Minor Improvement[6],OK[0],Needs Minor Nerf[0],Needs Major Nerf[0])
- Coolest name for a very medeocer shield. I don't feel adding more +skills is nessesary. I'd see it more Melee oriented and up the Defence%. I'd like to see some kind of haunting effect to it like ctc Howl when struck.  Tortured Souls already exsists. We DONT need another caster shield. -- [[Daishi_GD]] &new{04-06-2010 (Tue) 09:18:27};
- That shield just sucks IMHO... -- [[Valherran]] &new{06-26-2007 (Tue) 07:18:32};
- even if it is for a javazon its still not very good for that. 2 opens sockets or more +skills and matching 4-8% ml would make it better.  -- [[logger120]] &new{05-07-2007 (Mon) 21:28:52};
- I too thought Javazon.  In that respect it does ok.  I think that one of the last two mods could be dropped in favor of + to skills and I always like the idea of all resists so your last suggestion sounds good as well. -- [[boobers]] &new{04-19-2007 (Thu) 15:12:18};
- True Blinn, but Spikewall (which is exceptional btw) is a much superior Javazon shield.  -- [[logger120]] &new{02-20-2007 (Tue) 19:29:42};
- This looked to me like a Javazon's shield...almost.  It is sort of a strange cross between melee/spells with the mana mods and life leech, it would be nice if it choose one of them to be good at instead of trying to do both. -- [[Blinn]] &new{02-17-2007 (Sat) 21:56:33};

***Spirits of the Dead [#ra950fdb]
 Phase Boots  81 79 
 +1 To Summoning (Necromancer Only)
 30% Faster Run/Walk
 15% Faster Hit Recovery
 3% Mana Stolen Per Hit
 (0.5/clvl) +0-50 To Life
 (0.5/clvl) +0-50 To Mana
 Cannot Be Frozen

For the highest qlvl boots, I cannot see anyone wearing these. Assassin would want the dmg but upgrading Wren's or Zhoul's would be much better. The only useful mods are the FRW and CBF. The +1 summoning could never convice a necro to wear these, to keep the name theme consider CtC Bone Spirit or Hell's Gate. The 3% ml needs to be increased a lot (12-15%). The life and mana could be doubled and the same for the FHR. 

#vote(Needs Major Improvement[30],Needs Minor Improvement[0],OK[0],Needs Minor Nerf[0],Needs Major Nerf[0])
- For the level req these are. They really do need a lot of work. Giving it 1 crazy mod seems reasonable.  Just throwing this out but 300-400% EDdefence? -- [[Daishi_GD]] &new{04-06-2010 (Tue) 09:08:55};
- It has potential for flavour mods too; While it isn't nearly enough, what about giving it something like 25% CtC level 20 Snow Spirit when struck? Since it's a homing missile that freezes, it's quite a nice mod against ranged opponents... And don't drop the Necro bonus, for flavour... -- [[SajberHippien]] &new{07-15-2008 (Tue) 22:19:04};
- Could use pluses to skill tabs at the LEAST. -- [[Valherran]] &new{06-26-2007 (Tue) 07:19:32};
- Yeah.  I laughed when I saw these boots.  I'm not familiar with assassins really so if changing it to a kicker is the best choice then cool.  But if you want to keep it Necro, then it will need some big improvemnts.  + to summoning implies that you won't be in the action so I think that the 3%ml can be replaced completely.  FRW, CBFand FHR are always good as is the life/mana.  Those could be increased as suggested.  Maybe even vigor arua on equip so your army can keep up instead of the 30 FRW. -- [[boobers]] &new{04-19-2007 (Thu) 15:21:20};
- I agree.  These boots are very poor and easily outclassed by even rares.  Changing it into a kicker's boots would make sense, it is the best base type boot there is and no other class would even care about that. -- [[Blinn]] &new{02-17-2007 (Sat) 21:51:08};

***Silvasa's Dress [#ibd45c97]
 Sylvan Chain  82 77 
 +1 To Teleport
 +50-100% Enhanced Defense
 +50-100 Defense
 Increase Max Life 20-30%
 Increase Max Mana 20-30%
 All Resistances +20-40
 +5 Mana After Each Kill
 +5 To Light Radius

This is one of the highest lvl items in the game and the mods are very poor. The +1 Teleport is key but this can be attained easier from rares (usually with much better mods). Other high level armor choice are far superior to this item. Most mods are good (except the defense which is really really low). The problem is is has no +skills. Any player likey to want Teleport oskill will also want +skills. Many high end armors have over +4 all skills. No one will give up +4 skills (or more) for +1 Teleport when they can get it elsewhere. 

Suggestions: Add some +all skills (at least +3, +4 better), boost resists (20-40 -> 40-60), and match the +5 MAK with +5 LAK. Also consider adding DR, MDR,absorb, or max resists.

#vote(Needs Major Improvement[22],Needs Minor Improvement[1],OK[0],Needs Minor Nerf[0],Needs Major Nerf[0])
- I expect to make a Socket to this Item.Two or three will be good if it can do. -- [[luna]] &new{11-06-2007 (Tue) 05:52:03};
- For the crappy armor amount it gives, it isnt worth it, if it had a ton of armor like the Chains of Honour, it would be a different story... -- [[Valherran]] &new{06-26-2007 (Tue) 07:21:00};
- Aye.  This definately needs some + to skills.  + 5 to light radius and +50-100 defense are junk mods in my book.  The IML and IMM 20-30% is very nice for caster classes though so I wouldn't want to lose those.  I'd say drop the 3rd and last mods, match the MAK with LAK and add + to skills.  Defense isn't that big of an issue for casters, but increase the ED if need be.  If thats too much, I'd say you could probably cap the IMM/IML at 25% and resists at 30-35%. -- [[boobers]] &new{05-03-2007 (Thu) 13:46:16};
- This armor is not pratical to use. You lose way too much to gain very little. -- [[logger120]] &new{05-01-2007 (Tue) 04:28:26};

**The req lvl of Elite Armor [#d1174f58]
Hood  63 -> 58
Fedora  64 -> 59
Guardian Helm  65 -> 60
Gladiator Helm  66 -> 61
Devil Mask  69 -> 65
Tusk Helm  67 -> 62
Royal Crown  68 -> 63
Demon Skull  75 -> 69
Dwarven Faceplate  80 -> 73
Titania Crown  80 -> 75

Tiara  55 -> 60
Diadem 70 -> OK

Padded Armor  60 -> OK
Viper Skin  72 -> 63
Demon Carapace  73 -> 64
Gemstoned Armor  77 -> 68 
Heavy Mail  74 -> 72
Dragon Scale  78 -> 69
Chain Shirt  80 ->70
Chest Guard  84 -> 78
Demon Fleece  89 -> 71
Archmage Plate  85 -> 75
Plated Cuirass  71 -> OK
Combat Plate  80 -> 72
Royal Armor  82 -> 74
Ceremonial Armor  79 -> 75 
Archaic Armor  84 -> 80
Spiked Armor  71 -> OK
Sylvan Chain  77 -> OK
Shinobi Cloak  76 -> 70
Archmage Robe  75 -> 69

Petrified Buckler  82 -> 64
Desert Shield  58 -> OK
Giant Buckler  71 64 -> 62
Military Shield  78 -> 70
Thorned Shield  76 -> 66
(-> Weapon Mastery)
Imperial Shield  80 -> 72
Demon Shield  75 -> 68
Body Shield  80 -> 73
Ceremonial Shield  85 -> 75

Spellcaster Gloves  73 -> 58
Viper Hands  73 -> 60
Sepulcher Gloves  84 -> 62
Gladiator Gauntlets  71 -> 65
Titan Gauntlets  74 -> 68
Royal Guards  80 77 -> 73

Rogue Boots  67 -> OK
Viper Boots  72 -> 61
Sepulcher Boots  66 -> 62
Gladiator Boots  70 -> OK
Titan Boots  74 -> 68
Phase Boots  79 -> 73
Hemp Band  76 -> 59
Rogue Belt  80 -> 69
Merchant Belt  78 -> 64
Gladiator Belt  68 -> 62
Titan Belt  71 -> OK
Herculean Wrap  84 -> 73 

**The req lvl of Elite Weapons [#g271ab98]
Barbarian Tomahawk  63 -> OK
Precision Cleaver  68 -> 60
Duo-Axe  71 -> 64
Razor Axe  73 -> 68
Viking Axe  77 -> 73
Brawn Axe  74 -> 61
Heavy Axe  70 -> 63
Split Axe  71 -> 65
Guillotine Axe  70 -> OK
Slayer Axe  73 -> 72

Spiderwoven Bow  73 -> 59
Sharp Bow  55 74 -> 61
Shade Bow  59 74 -> 62
Dark Bow  62 77 -> 65
Rogue Bow  66 79 -> 67
Marksman Bow  69 70 -> ok
Arcane Bow  73 78 -> 73
Ancient Bow  83 81 -> 77

Choice Crossbow  55 72 -> 61
Marksman Crossbow  63 82 -> 78
Odysseus Crossbow  71 71 -> 66
Assassin Crossbow  78 75 -> 71

Ancient Shards  53 49 -> 57
Dire Pilum  54 -> 59
Lissom Spear  60 -> 63
Ahab Spear  65 -> 68
Whale Hunter  69 -> 71

Cranium Basher  68 -> 58
Thorned Club  68 -> 60
Arcane Mace  77 -> 63
Serrated Star  73 -> 65
Dire Flail  74 -> 69
Military Hammer  79 -> OK
Ancient Maul  83 -> 71
Titan's Maul  86 -> 74

Urgrosh  65 -> 60
Pole Gauche  74 -> 64
Shadow Scythe  61 -> OK
Royal Partizan  67 -> OK
Guardian  70 -> OK
Death Reaper  71 -> OK 

Celestial Scepter  69 -> 64
Holy Scepter  72 -> 67
Seraphic Scepter  76 -> 71
Blessed Scepter  76 -> OK

Guisarme  70 -> 61
Grapnel  72 -> 64
Dragon Spear  74 -> 66
Ranseur  77 -> 70
Impaler  86 -> 75

Elder Cane  64 -> 59
Mystic Staff  68 -> 63
Petrified Staff  72 -> 67
Mage Staff  76 -> 71
Arcane Staff  80 -> 75

Gladiator Blade  64 -> 58
Desert Sword  65 -> 59
Rapier  66 -> 61
Okrist  67 -> 62
Jeweled Edge  66 -> 64
Viking Sword  68 -> 66
Arcane Sword  70 -> 69
Trojan Sword  72 -> 70
Judgement Blade  74 -> 64
Titan's Dagger  75 -> 67
Lithe Blade  74 -> OK
Dark Sword  77 -> 70
Hellfire Sword  81 -> 73
Death Blade  86 -> 80

Throwing Dagger  48 -> 54
Throwing Hatchet  42 -> 57
Balanced Dagger  57 -> 64
Balanced Hatchet  60 -> 67

Sacred Wand  73 -> OK
Sepulcher Wand  75 -> OK
Callous Wand  78 -> 77
Demonic Wand  81 -> 80

Matriarchal Bow  46 -> 56
Grand Matron Bow  62 -> OK
Matriarchal Javelin  54 -> 62
Matriarchal Spear  50 -> 60
Matriarchal Pike  70 -> OK

Suwayyah  49 -> 55
Wrist Sword  51 -> 56
War Fist  56 -> 58
Battle Cestus  59 -> 61
Feral Claws  63 -> 65
Runic Talons  65 -> 70
Scissors Suwayyah  69 -> 68
Katana  90 -> 80 

Arreat's Hatchet  60 -> 64

Shillelagh  55 -> OK

Celestial Blade  86 -> 76

Heavenly Stone  45 -> 55
Eldritch Orb  55 -> 57
Demon Heart  61 -> OK
Vortex Orb  66 -> OK
Dimensional Shard  70 -> OK
Wizard Blade  82 -> 71

*Set Rebalancing [#a8998af4]
This section contains discuss about SET item rebalancing.
Please post if you found a SET too weak or too strong for its rarity and level requirement.
Please see [[this page>ItemRebal_howto]] t0o learn ''How To Post A New Item''.

**Hurja's Harmonic Rage [#nc2d62ba]
#vote(Needs Major Improvement[7],Needs Minor Improvement[2],OK[1],Needs Minor Nerf[0],Needs Major Nerf[0])
- I don't feel this set needs touching at all. One of the better/useable barb sets. Very wearable as is. -- [[Daishi_GD]] &new{04-06-2010 (Tue) 08:48:27};
- the armor needs to be changed. -- [[goeido]] &new{06-29-2007 (Fri) 10:25:03};
- Its ok the way it was, but a touch up couldn't hurt... -- [[Valherran]] &new{06-26-2007 (Tue) 07:22:01};
- Small changes could be made to improve this set. See below for my suggestion for each item. -- [[logger120]] &new{06-21-2007 (Thu) 21:01:47};

***Crown of the Northern Tribes [#z4742bdd]
 Guardian Crown 74 70
 +1 To Barbarian Skill Levels
 +2 To Might
 +40 To Strength
 Gem Socket (1)

  Partial Bonus:
  +1 To Combat Skills (Barbarian Only)
  +300% Enhanced Defense
  (2 items)
  100% Bonus To Attack Rating
  (3 items)

This item is pretty weak for its level and not very effective in Hell difficulty. THe mods are decent but they are just a little on the low side.

Suggestions: Increase Might Lvl (you can get +11 for Archdimeron at much low level and is better than this item). Add another socket or increase +skill(tab) by 1. I've alwasy though 1 socket on a set or unique item was a waste of a mod b/c I can use Lazurk or a socket donut for the same effect so I would prefer increasing the sockets.

#vote(Needs Major Improvement[6],Needs Minor Improvement[3],OK[1],Needs Minor Nerf[0],Needs Major Nerf[0])
- The +2 Might lvl isn't that great, you can gain Auras from other rare items.  Can you just do +3 Random Barb Skill (or even +5 random weaopn Mastery)? -- [[Scott_T]] &new{11-09-2007 (Fri) 21:03:35};

***Harrogath's Heirloom [#w462fa16]
 Ceremonial Armor 81 70
 +5 To Whirlwind (Barbarian Only)
 +5 To Shout (Barbarian Only)
 +5 To Leap Attack (Barbarian Only)

  Partial Bonus:
  30% Faster Run/Walk
  Damage Reduced By 25%
  (2 items)
  +1 To Combat Skills (Barbarian Only)
  (3 items)

The 3 +5 Staffmods are a waste. Considering this is end game gear a +5 bonus won't help anyone unless they haven't invested into a certian skill. Every barb build will invest in Shout, and Leap Attack only costs 2 points to get. That leaves WW which can be attained with only a minor point investment(5) or on of many other items. The partial bonuses are decent though.

Suggestions: More defensive mods. Absorb, Defense, FHR, Resists, etc. Or something offensive like a CtC, CB/DS/OW, dmg, etc.  

#vote(Needs Major Improvement[10],Needs Minor Improvement[0],OK[0],Needs Minor Nerf[0],Needs Major Nerf[0])
- The staffmods are dumb, especially for barbs who aren't WW -- [[Doombringer]] &new{08-05-2008 (Tue) 21:19:39};
- I see the defense problem. But I'd rather like to increase the full set defense bonus instead, so that old ones also benefit. -- [[tsuru]] &new{06-30-2007 (Sat) 03:33:28};
- This armor is TERRIBLE.  Defense is one of the Barb's prime strengths.  What does this give...+5 Shout...nice!  Until you see that it gives NO enhanced defense bonus at all for the main torso armor.  +5 Leap Attack is meaningless.  This Armor needs a complete makeover, it is not even remotely close to usable right now. -- [[Blinn]] &new{06-26-2007 (Tue) 08:00:07};
- Agreed -- [[Valherran]] &new{06-26-2007 (Tue) 07:23:50};
- I agree that this armor is really sub par. Id never use the set with a barb at current state even though it doesnt take up the weapon slot.  -- [[goeido]] &new{06-25-2007 (Mon) 14:05:08};

***Worldstone Shard [#oe946b30]
 Barbaric Hoop 70 70
 15% Chance To Cast Lvl 20 Fist of the Heavens On Striking
 30% Increased Attack Speed
 Replenish Life +25

  Partial Bonus:
  Increase Max Life 10%
  +50% Enhanced Damage
  (2 items)
  Ignores Target's Defense
  (3 items)

Hands down the best item in the set but still not overly impressive. The CtC looks nice but FoH's animation can interrupt attacking an can be more on a pain that a help(Try to Frenzy with 15% CtC FoH and you'll see what I mean). The other mods are all fine. 

Suggestions: Change CtC FoH into a spamable crowd control skill (something with chill or freeze or something that just spreads some ok dmg). I was thinking something like Frost Nova(the Zon cold nova not the sorc) or low lvl Cold Wave. 

#vote(Needs Major Improvement[3],Needs Minor Improvement[2],OK[5],Needs Minor Nerf[0],Needs Major Nerf[0])
- Only thing I'd mention here is that lvl 20 FoH is quite a low level. Almost low enough to make it a junk mod. I'd suggest an increase of level and maybe lower % to 10%?  -- [[Daishi_GD]] &new{04-06-2010 (Tue) 08:52:17};

***Set Bonuses [#l925fec7]
 Increase Max Life 25%
 Increase Max Mana 25%
 (2 items)

 +3 To Barbarian Skill Levels
 40% Increased Attack Speed
 10% Mana Stolen Per Hit
 10% Life Stolen Per Hit
 +500 Defense
 +25 To All Attributes
 All Resistances +70
 150% Better Chance of Getting Magic Item
Pretty standard. The +skills is lower compared to other sets with nothing special to offer in return but other than that decent.

Suggestions: Possible +dmg or max dmg bonus or match the 150% MF with 150% GF. 

#vote(Needs Major Improvement[2],Needs Minor Improvement[1],OK[4],Needs Minor Nerf[0],Needs Major Nerf[0])

**Cow King's Steels [#he909c26]
This is THE SET(or at least it should be). Considering its rarity I would really hope that this could be potential endgame gear for any character. The easiest way to accomplish this is to make it a defensive oriented set.  

#vote(Needs Major Improvement[13],Needs Minor Improvement[0],OK[0],Needs Minor Nerf[0],Needs Major Nerf[0])
- Cow King set is very rare, but it's a fun set and a mimic of LoD Cow King Set (bonuses are basically quadrupled). The exceptions are oskill Cow Baloon and All Skill bonus. I don't like to change the individual mods to keep them being the mimic of Cow King set. More All Skill bonus and another oskill would be ok. -- [[tsuru]] &new{06-30-2007 (Sat) 02:41:43};
- I have yet to find this set, but just by looking at it it needs work. -- [[Valherran]] &new{06-26-2007 (Tue) 07:25:36};

***Cow King's Steel Horns [#qe2d5565]
 Dwarven Faceplate 85 75
 +150 Defense
 Cannot Be Frozen
 70% Damage Taken Goes to Mana
 Attacker Takes Damage of 40

  Partial Bonus:
  +150 Defense
  70% Damage Taken Goes to Mana
  (2 items)
  Attacker Takes Damage of 40
  (3 items)

THe CBF is great annd the damage to mana is good, but attacker takes dmg is a junk mod. THe +def is cool but should be +300 as one mod instead of two. 

Suggestions: More defensive mods; absorb, Magic resist, straight DR, etc.

#vote(Needs Major Improvement[10],Needs Minor Improvement[0],OK[0],Needs Minor Nerf[0],Needs Major Nerf[0])
***Cow King's Steel Hide [#f8d0e4b6]
 Archaic Armor 85 75
 18% Chance To Cast Lvl 20 Chain Lightning When Struck
 +120% Enhanced Defense
 All Resistances +36
 +60 To Life

  Partial Bonus:
  +120% Enhanced Defense
  All Resistances +36
  (2 items)
  +60 To Life
  (3 items)

Again some ok mods but nothing to brag about. Partial bonuses could be merged with regular mods to make 240%ed, +72 res-all, +120 life. 

Suggestions: Merge mods and add new partial bonuses, defensive mods (oskill Barb masteries would be nice SotA, VotA, Iron Skin, Nat Res or other defensive oskills). 

#vote(Needs Major Improvement[3],Needs Minor Improvement[0],OK[0],Needs Minor Nerf[0],Needs Major Nerf[0])
***Cow King's Steel Hoofs [#v9cb45a9]
 Phase Boots 85 75
 60% Faster Run/Walk
 Adds 100-160 Fire Damage
 +140 Defense
 50% Better Chance of Getting Magic Item
 +40 To Dexterity

  Partial Bonus:
  60% Faster Run/Walk
  50% Better Chance of Getting Magic Item
  (2 items)
  +40 To Dexterity
  (3 items)

Again partial bonus is a mirror of the noraml mods. Merge into one an add new mods for bonus. Lose the fire dmg. 

#vote(Needs Major Improvement[6],Needs Minor Improvement[0],OK[0],Needs Minor Nerf[0],Needs Major Nerf[0])

***Set Bonuses [#x840ab6f]
 Poison Resist +100%
 +10 To Cow Balloon
 (2 items)

 25% Chance To Cast Lvl 20 Static Field When Struck
 +3 To All Skill Levels
 120% Increased Attack Speed
 +80 To Strength
 +400 To Max Stamina
 400% Extra Gold From Monsters
 400% Better Chance of Getting Magic Item

The extra PR is unnecessary. Maybe like 50% poison and 50% lightning. The max stamina is also a junk mod. The other mods are good but considering the rarity this isn't really very good.    

#vote(Needs Major Improvement[6],Needs Minor Improvement[1],OK[3],Needs Minor Nerf[0],Needs Major Nerf[0])
- Since Tsuru has stated he prefer not to change the individual stats, because of the LoD mimicking, maybe add an oskill or change level of the one already there? Changing the Cow Ballon level to +20 and adding a +10 Cow Ballon (Druid Only) would make it slightly more useful, or maybe adding a unique shapeshifting skill that works excactly like Werewolf but transforms into a cow instead? Giving the same bonuses as Werewolf? -- [[SajberHippien]] &new{07-15-2008 (Tue) 22:29:46};
- I agree on that, the set bonuses looks fine except partial, and stamina. If the pieces itself get soem improvement it could become a great set, and it should if we think about rarity. but if all 3 parts and set bonus gets improved it sounds like a chance to make it totally overpowered..imo... -- [[LordBrox]] &new{08-12-2007 (Sun) 21:41:17};
- the Max Stamina could be lost entirely, the rest of it looks okay to me.  The IAS, STR, MF, and GF bonuses are all decently large.  I think a little boost would be fine, but I voted OK anyway. -- [[Blinn]] &new{06-22-2007 (Fri) 21:00:28};

**Borik's Deceit [#pe988da1]

I'm no assassin expert but this set seems weak. Considering the large potential of rare assassin swords this set seems to need a weapon upgrade. Blinn I'm not gonna say much so feel free to edit in some comments and suggestions of your own. 

#vote(Needs Major Improvement[8],Needs Minor Improvement[0],OK[0],Needs Minor Nerf[0],Needs Major Nerf[0])
- I found Borik's is "usuable" for progressive gear. Makes for a pretty tough fight but it is do-able with the right uprades and such.  Only thing I'd mention is the armor needs an improvement the rest is minor. -- [[Daishi_GD]] &new{04-06-2010 (Tue) 08:57:34};
- This Set is a nightmare to assemble without twinking, Samurai builds are not easily converted to gold finding.  With 2 very high qlvl/expensive pieces in this set, the bonuses should be much MUCH better than what they are.  It is not worth wasting the gold to try and complete this set, the money is better spent on almost anything else.  Gamble Uniques, buy gems to reroll rares, use runewords, DON'T spend your millions trying to get this set. -- [[Blinn]] &new{06-26-2007 (Tue) 08:08:02};
- Greatly dissapointed with this set, the claw sets outrank this one ten fold. -- [[Valherran]] &new{06-26-2007 (Tue) 07:26:40};
***Borik's Nightblade [#t46de926]
 Katana 83 70 (Can be converted into Wrecking Arm)
 +225% Enhanced Damage
 Ignores Target's Defense
 40% Chance of Crushing Blow

  Partial Bonus: 
  Freezes Target 3
  30% Chance of Crushing Blow
  (2 items)
  12% Life Stolen Per Hit
  (3 items)

Pros: All good mods
Cons: Not enough dmg

Suggestions: +max/+min, +max/clvl, +max%/clvl

#vote(Needs Major Improvement[14],Needs Minor Improvement[0],OK[0],Needs Minor Nerf[0],Needs Major Nerf[0])
- With the set bonus already getting +max/clvl having even more on the katana MIGHT be overkill. I'd add more ED to the Katana itself. Maybe put it to 300% and see how that feels. -- [[Daishi_GD]] &new{04-06-2010 (Tue) 09:04:13};
- this needs open wounds , crushing blow and fatal strike 33% to 75% at random , freezes target + 15 and huge vampiric lifesteal, poison nova 15% at 1800 poison for 20 seconds . -- [[Ossian]] &new{11-04-2007 (Sun) 22:35:12};
- This is the biggest problem with Borik's.  The armor slots may not be great, but you have other slots to help them out.  You get one and only one weapon, and this Katana is a stinker.  I'd guess that it will be extremely tough to get this before Act 5 Hell chits, which are extremely costly for such a high qlvl item.  The non-damage mods are all nice, but the damage is sooooooooooo low this set just loses out to any half-decent alternative. -- [[Blinn]] &new{06-26-2007 (Tue) 07:48:44};
- like all good sets weapons, this one needs a clvl-based damage mod, even if only as partial set bonus. Just look at motokos set in comparison! -- [[goeido]] &new{06-25-2007 (Mon) 14:09:14};
***Borik's Dark Binding [#l6ccc2f6]
 Spiked Armor 82 70
 10% Chance To Cast Lvl 25 Ice Nova When Struck
 +175% Enhanced Defense
 +12 Mana After Each Kill
 Gem Socket (2)

  Partial Bonus: 
  +15% Enhanced Damage
  +42 To Strength
  (2 items)
  18% Mana Stolen Per Hit
  (3 items)

Pros: Good CtC Crowd control, nice MaK, 2 socket, nice +str and mana leech
Cons: Slightly low defense, +15% dmg is negligible this would be better as 10-15% DR or Magic Resist.

Suggestions: Small increase in def% and 15%ed -> DR% or Magic Resist

#vote(Needs Major Improvement[7],Needs Minor Improvement[1],OK[0],Needs Minor Nerf[0],Needs Major Nerf[0])
- Another bad piece.  Spiked Armor is qlvl 82.  Put this in the same set as a Katana, and Borik's is possibly the most difficult of the class sets to complete.  15%ED is so small the mod might as well be removed to save space.  The mana mods are both not very helpful, it's just overkill for an Assassin wielding a Katana.  Take whatever mods are left, and this armor does not offer much for being such a PAIN to get a hold of. -- [[Blinn]] &new{06-26-2007 (Tue) 07:55:03};
- the only reason i say need minor improvement is b/c you can get so much from other unique and rw armors -- [[logger120]] &new{06-25-2007 (Mon) 07:07:58};
***Borik's Black Hand [#u138cb1f]
 Viper Hands 61 70
 Adds 25-30 Cold Damage 10 Sec Duration
 Prevent Monster Heal
 +150 Defense

  Partial Bonus:
  10% Chance To Cast Lvl 25 Creeping Doom On Striking
  Adds 10-200 Cold Damage 2 Sec Duration
  (2 items)
  Lvl 3 Vigor Aura When Equipped
  (3 items)

Pros: Vigor, PMH, and more CtC crowd control
Cons: ? cold dmg could be better ?

#vote(Needs Major Improvement[7],Needs Minor Improvement[1],OK[1],Needs Minor Nerf[0],Needs Major Nerf[0])
- The easiest piece to find by far, I think this only needs a small improvement if any.  Higher defense bonus or Vigor Aura maybe? -- [[Blinn]] &new{06-26-2007 (Tue) 07:57:35};

***Set Bonuses [#zc017e2f]
 +1 To Traps (Assassin Only)
 9% Chance To Cast Lvl 30 Frozen Orb When You Kill An Enemy
 (2 items)

 +3 To Assassin Skill Levels
 40% Increased Attack Speed
 +150% Enhanced Damage
 Freezes Target 3
 +800 Defense
 +20 To All Attributes
 All Resistances +75
 125% Better Chance of Getting Magic Item
Pros: CtC FO, skills, dmg%, def, resists, stats
Cons: +1 Traps is kinda a waste mod

Suggestions: +1 Traps -> +1 Shadow Disciplines

#vote(Needs Major Improvement[7],Needs Minor Improvement[3],OK[0],Needs Minor Nerf[0],Needs Major Nerf[0])
- since its a katana set, make it martial arts instead of traps. thats at least +1 iaigiri.  -- [[goeido]] &new{06-29-2007 (Fri) 10:36:40};
- Pretty nice bonuses, +traps does seem out of place, it doesnt even help blade skills much since the vast bulk of damage is from the weapon.  The overall amount of +Assassin skills given by this set is very low however, I think it could use a small boost. -- [[Blinn]] &new{06-26-2007 (Tue) 08:02:21};
- by minor I mean just make the skilltab change and it is ok -- [[logger120]] &new{06-25-2007 (Mon) 07:12:30};

**Griffith's Cunning [#y151b271]
This set is a mixed bag. It has a lot of good mods but also a lot of junk mods. This set seems to favor Conversion which isn't exactly a commonly used skill. 

#vote(Needs Major Improvement[3],Needs Minor Improvement[1],OK[0],Needs Minor Nerf[0],Needs Major Nerf[0])
- No no no no I'm using it and it can't get any better it is so strong and I love it -- [[Zanga]] &new{03-25-2011 (Fri) 18:04:08};
- You wouldn't understand the reason for conversion unless you've read/watched Berserk. -- [[ZS]] &new{11-10-2007 (Sat) 00:44:18};
- at least the weapon needs a real update, at the required lvl no pala could use a low-damage weapon like that.  -- [[goeido]] &new{06-29-2007 (Fri) 10:26:17};
- I hate this set, it is so useless, even for conversion builds it is useless, i reccommend a total remake of this set entirely, and i request it use different items, because it just looks ugly on a paladin... -- [[Valherran]] &new{06-27-2007 (Wed) 10:55:16};

***Griffith's Stare [#u295b8e0]
 Devil Mask 69 60
 +1 To Terror
 +3 To Conversion (Paladin Only)
 Freezes Target 1
 Partial Bonus:
 25% Faster Run/Walk
 25% Increased Attack Speed
 (2 items)
 -25% Target Defense
 (3 items)
 100% Chance To Cast Lvl 30 Terror When You Die
 (4 items)

One of the better items in the set. Terror helps with crowd control and all the other mods a good also.

#vote(Needs Major Improvement[4],Needs Minor Improvement[0],OK[1],Needs Minor Nerf[0],Needs Major Nerf[0])
- how about instead of freeze when hit because its hard to use redemption if there are no bodys and change it to slow monsters by 75% because if their slow that means their scared right -- [[zanga]] &new{03-25-2011 (Fri) 18:06:33};
- Please change this to the elite mask and not the bone helm, and redo the stats. -- [[Valherran]] &new{06-27-2007 (Wed) 10:57:37};
***Griffith's Charm [#a44a481e]
 Holy Pendant 60
 +1 To Paladin Skill Levels
 +25% Enhanced Defense
 Replenish Life +30

 Partial Bonus:
 +20 Life After Each Kill
 +20 Mana After Each Kill
 (2 items)
 8% Life Stolen Per Hit
 (3 items)
 8% Mana Stolen Per Hit
 (4 items)

Great ammy for any Paladin

#vote(Needs Major Improvement[2],Needs Minor Improvement[1],OK[2],Needs Minor Nerf[0],Needs Major Nerf[0])
- Pretty solid ammy+ bonuses here. For a level 60 Ammy though maybe +1 PCombat just to balance it out a little with the uniques. -- [[Daishi_GD]] &new{04-06-2010 (Tue) 09:06:07};
***Griffith's Parry [#c0e24777]
 Rapier 60 60
 15% Increased Chance of Blocking
 (4/clvl) +4-400 Defense
 Requirements -100%
 (2/clvl) +2-200 To Max Damage

 Partial Bonus:
 +4 To Concentration (Paladin Only)
 (2 items)
 25% Increased Attack Speed
 (3 items)
 +200% Enhanced Damage
 (4 items)

Pros: +max/clvl and IAS
Cons: Low ED on low dmg weapon with low durability. The +def mod seems out of place on a weapon. 

#vote(Needs Major Improvement[5],Needs Minor Improvement[0],OK[0],Needs Minor Nerf[0],Needs Major Nerf[0])
- The weapon (whole set, actually) is based on anime, and I wanted it somewhat consistent. Damage/Def could be upped, and possibly some FHR or something. -- [[Perfect Cell]] &new{08-11-2007 (Sat) 03:44:41};
- I think a 2 Handed Sword would be better, the shield and 1 H weapon is very repetitive IMHO. -- [[Valherran]] &new{07-22-2007 (Sun) 06:36:32};
- I think the sword should stay 1-handed, its the same in the manga and most paladins need a shield.  -- [[goeido]] &new{06-29-2007 (Fri) 10:22:00};
- There is nothing wrong with being a quirky set with the +defense on a weapon, but the set is not consistent and that is a problem.  Such a defense bonus here makes no sense when the Embossed Plate for the Set has only +100%ED, the sword has a very defensive slant but the armor lacks in the same area. -- [[Blinn]] &new{06-27-2007 (Wed) 22:22:33};
- Redo its stats, and please change the weapon into a 2 Handed Sword. -- [[Valherran]] &new{06-27-2007 (Wed) 10:59:04};

***Griffith's Protection [#ue2839ed]
 Embossed Plate 54 60
 30% Faster Hit Recovery
 +100% Enhanced Defense
 Damage Reduced By 18%

 Partial Bonus:
 All Resistances +20
 Poison Length Reduced by 100%
 (2 items)
 Cannot Be Frozen
 (3 items)
 Lvl 5 Redemption Aura When Equipped
 (4 items)

Pros: Redemption, CBF, FHR, and DR
Cons: exceptional armor so low def  

#vote(Needs Major Improvement[1],Needs Minor Improvement[2],OK[0],Needs Minor Nerf[0],Needs Major Nerf[0])
- The only piece of this set that is decent, could still use a touch up. -- [[Valherran]] &new{06-27-2007 (Wed) 11:00:08};
***Set Bonus [#ibff09ec]

 +5 To Conversion (Paladin Only)
 +5 To Conviction (Paladin Only)
 (2 items)
 +2 To Defensive Auras (Paladin Only)
 (1/clvl) +1-100 To Max Enhanced Damage
 (3 items)

 100% Chance To Cast Lvl 36 Ice Nova When You Die
 +4 To Paladin Skill Levels
 30% Faster Run/Walk
 30% Chance of Crushing Blow
 +250 Defense
 +20 To All Attributes
 All Resistances +50
 100% Better Chance of Getting Magic Item

Mostly good mods. THe staffmods are just a waste of lines. The CtC Ice Nova seems nice but it is on death which means little. a unsynergized lvl 36 Ice Nova wont kill a single Fallen in NM. If this mods is to stay increase the lvl big (36 -> 70-80) 

#vote(Needs Major Improvement[3],Needs Minor Improvement[1],OK[1],Needs Minor Nerf[0],Needs Major Nerf[0])
- From what I've understood, Griffith is the leader of a mercenary band called the Band of the Hawk - Maybe giving something like Level 50 Raven (20/20 charges)? Would be kinda cool to mix that with oskill spirits too, with all that sync. -- [[SajberHippien]] &new{07-15-2008 (Tue) 22:49:27};
- Its a little bit under in the bonus department compared to the other paladin sets, a few buffs here and there would do it justice IMHO. -- [[Valherran]] &new{06-27-2007 (Wed) 11:02:26};

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