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**Concept [#xd87e6ff]
The Jabbazon is a hybrid between a melee spearazon and a lightning javazon. This works quite well since Jab, Lightning Strike and Lightning Fury synergize each other. 

**Base Stats [#va285ad3]
As always, its best to get STR and Dex from charms and equip, and put all points into vit. Points in STR and DEX dont really hurt since they increase damage, accuracy and block.
:Strength|base or equip requirements
:Dexterity|base or equip requirements
:Vitality|all remaining points

**Skills [#i859905c]
:Lightning Fury|Max
:Lightning Strike|Max
:All decent passives up to Valkyrie and Pierce|1
:Fend|All remaining points

**Oskills [#hc758823]
:Conviction and Might|ArchDimeron
:Lightning Mastery|Lightning Master RW odd charm or Unknown RW armor or rare/craft jewelry
:Spear Mastery|Gloves
:Battle Orders|rare/craft Jewelry or Barb Merc
:Amplify damage|rare/craft Jewelry or ctc on Merc
:Lower Resists|rare/craft Jewelry or ctc on Merc

**Equipment [#e3e85e30]
Skill Tab priorities are of course Spear and Javelin skills, Forgings should be +all skills if possible, Jewels also +skills. 
:Weapon1|some big damage 2h spear, preferably an ethereal DualMax Impaler, dstoned ED% 	
:Weapon2|a +skills Javelin, for example Zeus Bolts, dstoned lightning skill damage
:Shield2|unique barbed shield (pierce and leech)
:Helm|ArchDimeron Titania Crown
:Armor|Unknown RW or +skills		
:Gloves|Rare with +spear skills and spear mastery or transformed Belt of Zeus
:Belt|Belt of Zeus
:Belt|Belt of Zeus or Rumour of Pain
:Amulet|+skills (Beads of the Guardian, Plagues Last Arrowhead, or craft/rare)
:Inventory|the usual unique charms, Lightning Master RW charm, lots of spear skills GCs 

**Hirelings [#m4b730a8]
Act 5 barb merc, defensive might be better but offensive is also nice. Pack him with aura on equip items. 

**Strategy & Tips [#p9a115af]
Spear, Might and Jab against Bosses and single monsters
Spear, Might and Fend against Lightning Immune Packs
Javelin, Conviction and Lightning Fury against big Packs in open areas
Javelin, Conviction and Lightning Strike against small Packs in caves and tunnels

**Comments [#x8e3ae86]


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