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**Concept [#g14e03ef]
Due to lack of Barbarian builds, I present my Concentrator project here.
It is built around the Kain's Means of Destruction Set, in my opinion an excelent set for a Concentrator.
It also has high level defensive warcries, making the Act 5 Defensive Barbarian obsolete.
This is still a work in progress.

**Current Stats [#re0fb3bb]
Standby/Buffed (standby means fully geared with no temporary enhancement, buffed means fully geared with morph, shout, battle orders and battle command)

:Concentrate Damage|3771-18k/3882-19k
:Berserk Damage|3232-16k/3353-16k
:Max Life|1761/3927
:Max Mana|55/74
:Resists|F:75 (230/231) C:75 (230/231) L:75 (230/231) P:75 (230/231)

**Base Stats [#p32d7a9d]

:Strength|Minimum Requisite for Equipments (in my case I put 103 for helm)
:Dexterity|Minimum Requisite for Max Block

**Skills [#d71eefab]
Naked/Geared (no BC)
:Shout|12/31 (currently maxing)
:Battle Orders|16/32 (currently maxing)
:Battle Command|1/17

:Combat Masteries|
:Close Combat Mastery|31/44 (max + 1 extra point from Noob's Odd Charm)
:Strength of the Ancients|1/14
:Vigor of the Ancients|1/14
:Luck of the Ancients|1/14
:Iron Skin|1/17
:Natural Resistance|1/14

:Combat Skills|
:Concentrate|30/44 (max - main attack)
:Berserk|1/15 (after maxing Shout and BO, remaining points can go here, or Iron Skin to lower defense penalty by synergy)

**Equipments [#p1cd225b]
This is my gear as it is now (Act 1 Hell, entering the monastery). Works nicely so far.
:Weapon|&color(limegreen){Blood Baron}; Set Great Sword
Socketed: Perfect Diamond (for damage bonuses, may change it later)
&color(orchid){Forged: +1 Barb Skills}; 	
:Helm|&color(olive){Phase Visor}; Unique Savage Helm
Socketed: 2x Perfect Emerald (for attack rating and dexterity)
:Armor|&color(limegreen){Kain's Fear}; Set Ancient Armor
Socketed: Perfect Skull (for damage reduction and defense)
&color(orchid){Forged: +1 Barb Skills};	
:Shield|&color(limegreen){Kain's Sentinel}; Set Gothic Shield
Socketed: 2x Perfect Skull (for damage reduction and defense)
&color(orchid){Forged: +1 Barb Skills};	
:Gloves|&color(limegreen){Kain's Wings}; Set Iron Guards
Socketed: Perfect Sapphire (for mana after each kill)
&color(orchid){Forged: +1 Barb Skills};
:Belt|&color(olive){Harness of the Gods}; Unique Plated Belt
Socketed: Perfect Skull (for damage reduction and defense)
:Boots|&color(olive){Boots of the Valiant}; Unique Battle Boots
Socketed: Perfect Emerald (for attack rating and dexterity)
:Amulet|&color(olive){Talisman of the Bishamonten}; Unique Totemic Pebble
Currently looking for a better one
:Ring1|&color(limegreen){Kain's Life}; Set Ring
&color(orchid){Forged: +1 Barb Skills};
:Ring2|&color(olive){Violet Petal}; Unique Barbaric Hoop
Currently looking for a better one
:Inventory|Noob's Odd Charm (socketed with perfect topaz for magic find and extra gold, and +1 to Close Combat Mastery)
&color(olive){The Perfect Cell}; Unique Small Charm
&color(olive){Vlad Tepe's Sustenance}; Unique Small Charm
Damage Augmenter + Keys + Tome of Town Portal

**Hirelings [#q3a86f83]
Tried Act 5 Defensive Barbarian, he kept over-riding my warcries with his weaker ones, so currently I'm trying out the other mercs. Currently Rogue because I got the full NM set.
:Type|Act 1 Rogue (Cold)
//:Type|Act 2 Desert Mercenary (Conviction)
//:Type|Act 3 Iron Wolf (Fire)
//:Type|Act 5 Barbarian (Defensive)
:Weapon|&color(limegreen){Rogue's Bow-N}; Set Edge Bow
:Helm|&color(limegreen){Rogue's Cap-N}; Set Sallet
:Armor|&color(limegreen){Rogue's Suit-N}; Set Serpentskin Armor	
:Gloves|&color(limegreen){Achilles' Force}; Set Gauntlets
:Belt|&color(limegreen){Achilles' Girdle}; Set Plated Belt
:Boots|&color(limegreen){Achilles' Heel}; Set Greaves

**Strategy & Tips [#y36982fa]
- Morph, cast BC, BO and Shout in this order, refresh as needed (F4, F5, F6 and F7 in the right mouse button).
- Concentrate is the main attack, Berserk is the backup against physical immunes (F1 and F2 in the left mouse button).

- It may have low mana (just enough for BC + BO + Shout), but the mana leech, +mana after each kill, increased mana regeneration and Redemption aura from the set makes up for it, even against mana burn monsters. Carry some mana pots if you really needed.
- The HP is somewhat low too (barely under 4k with BO), but it has nice replenish life, enough life leech and +life after each kill to keep it going, and it has that Redemption aura too.
- The gear as I described provides 75%+ elemental resistances, some elemental absorb, fast run/walk and attack speed, 49% damage reduction, over 100% deadly strike and more. The helm gives some nice CtC effects.
- Kain's Means of Destruction has a Morphing mod. When used, the player turns into a Black Knight, gains +20% damage and +20% HP for 20 minutes, and walks/runs a bit faster. Don't try to break barrels/urns, it's very slow. Also, always walk, don't run. It keeps the defense bonus, and is fast enough to go anywhere quickly. Also, it's somewhat jerky when running.


**Comments [#ffea9568]
- You can't upgrade set items to elite, mainly because some balance issues -- [[psycho2]] &new{04-10-2013 (Wed) 12:06:10};
- By the way, I used some of Hans advices as you can see. Second weapon is a unique axe with 1 to Amplify Damage. Rogue merc with the bow merc set and Achilles Set. P.S.: A correction in the last thing I said - Block lock only using berserk, ofc.     --  &new{04-10-2013 (Wed) 04:16:01};
- I tried this set. It's even better than Sarevok's set, tested them both with the same Forging and D-Stoning. You can upgrade all the items to their Exceptional and Elite variants, except for the Kain's weapon (at least I could not find the recipe). Some better rings: Ring of Vengeance, Elemental Jewel, or some CtC craft or rare - all of them with a great jewel or a P. Emerald. I put points in BC to get +4 skills and helped a lot. Shout and BO, I used less points and do not plan to max them. Howl synergizes with them so I spent some points there. Berserk is a great 2nd attack, at least if you go for a mana stealing ring and a P. Skull in your weapon. Lack of resistances can be overcome by forging jewels with diamonds. Look for % dmg or defense/Att Rating in the jewels. The damage is lacking in Hell, sure, but Uber Diablo in players 8 died ok with only a few potions. No block lock unless there is a very large ranged mob.  -- [[Tristan]] &new{04-10-2013 (Wed) 04:09:57};
- You do realize that weapon can be Base Up-ed only to the Exceptional version and will so limit your damage severely???Hurja's Set would be much better or even Sarevok if you want to go Set that badly... -- [[Lucifer666]] &new{06-26-2012 (Tue) 17:15:05};
- The comment regarding the block lock: Concentrate is uninteruptable. You will continue to attack even if you are hit or are blocking. -- [[Mouse]] &new{06-15-2012 (Fri) 00:14:14};
- Wish you luck with the set and your build in Hell. -- [[Hans]] &new{01-08-2010 (Fri) 06:48:26};
- I would rather put the points into Strength since it grants extra damage. Vitality does not add that much to a Barb and life can be added by many means. You are right that your life is low. A Barbarian should never use an Act 5 Merc. I would rather place points into BC to get +4 to all skills. Usually only a single point into Shout and BO is needed. I would rather place the points into Berserk since that will give Concentrate 20% magic damage. The Rogue merc will cast Inner Sight that  will lower physical resistance and either you or the merc should have Amplify Damage either as a CtC or as an Oskill.  -- [[Hans]] &new{01-08-2010 (Fri) 06:46:05};
- I do not feel that the Kain's set is that good for a Concentrator. I feel that a Concentrator should be using a 2-Handed weapon. Using a shield will likely cause him to go into block lock and a Barbarian would need 280 in FBR to reach 2 frames for the block. I would just rather take the hits since you should have enough life to not get into hit recovery or at least not that often. The Weapon can only be upgraded to the exceptional version and the damage is going to be lacking for Hell. -- [[Hans]] &new{01-08-2010 (Fri) 06:31:32};
- I added comments section. I have quite a few comments. -- [[Hans]] &new{01-08-2010 (Fri) 06:20:06};

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