*Bugs and Features in LoD 1.10/1.11 [#n1e2751e]
-ES 3.00 is based on LoD 1.10, because LoD 1.11 hasn't been fully analyzed, and many useful plugins like fully equippable mercenary don't work on LoD 1.11.
-So some bugs in LoD 1.10 are still alive in ES, but some are fixed. The new features of LoD 1.11 basically don't work in ES, but soft-coded features like the runewords work.  

***LoD 1.11 Features [#jfd15658]
-All LoD 1.11 runewords are implemented including ladder only ones and disabled ones.
-Hellfire Torch Event doesn't occur, even if you install the latest PlugY.
-In LoD 1.11, high level characters can hire a high level mercenary (1-5 levels below your clvl) in Normal and NM. In ES, mercenary's level is capped by the difficulty like in LoD 1.10, but this doesn't matter much because the stats of mercenary doesn't depend on the hired difficulty in ES.

***LoD 1.11 Bugs [#p70bf1ae]
-''Fangskin Drop Bug'': In LoD 1.11 Fangskin drops nothing in Hell. This bug doesn't exist in ES.
-''Ethereal Armor Socket Bug'': If apply the socketing recipe to a piece of ethereal armor, ethereal defense bonus is applied twice. This bug doesn't exist in ES.

***LoD 1.10 Bugs (Fixed) [#o54fad2c]
-''Gloams Lightning Damage Bug'': Gloams (Hiddens in ES) deal bugged Lightning damage in 1.10. This bug is fixed in ES.
-''Tomb Viper Poison Cloud Bug'': Tomb Viper's poison clouds also deal physical damage per frame. This bug is fixed in ES.
-''Act 5 Fallen Shaman Display Bug'': Fallen shamans in Act 5 shows they resurrect wrong type of Fallens. This bug is fixed in ES.
-''Act 4 Stained Glass Display Bug'': Stained Glasses in Act 4 shows their name as "An Evil Force". This bug is fixed in ES.
-''Mercenary and Aura Item Bug (1)'': By a certain method, players can receive the aura damage of Holy Auras (Holy Fire, Holy Freeze and Holy Shock) from aura items as many times as they wish. This bug had been badly exploited on Battle Net to do PK, and was fixed at July 2006, by the server side patch. This bug is fixed by an original method in ES.
--Due to this fix, the slvls of multiple Holy Aura items aren't added up, but they work separately in ES. (This limitation is Holy Auras only, and other auras work as before.) This change reduces the damage if you have multiple Holy Aura items of a kind. The good point is, now they work on top of player's Holy Aura.
-''Fire Enchanted Boss Bug'': The death explosion damage of FE bosses deal a insane amount of damage in LoD 1.10, and was nerfed only by the server side patch. In ES, the damage is nerfed in Normal, and FE monsters don't appear in NM and Hell.

***LoD 1.10 Bugs (Alive) [#dd58c718]
-''Lightning Enchanted Boss Bug'': If an LE boss also has FE or CE, it constantly emits invisible Corpse Explosion or Frost Nova, which often leads to one hit kill. LE bosses seem to deal buggy Poison Damage if it also has Spectral Hit. Please be prepared, especially when you play HC.
-''Ethereal Armors Upgrade Bug'': The upgrade recipes of rare and unique armor removes the ethereal defense bonus in 1.10.
-''Synergy Bug (Marrowalk Bug)'': Charged skills work as the synergy for other skills in 1.10, as long as you don't put any skill point into that skill. This is originally a bug but is considered a feature in ES, and some items are intentionally given some charged skill for the synergy.
-''Malah's Resist Scroll Bug'': When you die, the resist bonus is displayed but doesn't work until you re-enter the game.
-''Amazon Bow Skill AR Bug'': The Amazon's bow skills don't receive the AR bonus, but the false AR is reflected in the character screen. It was impossible to fix this bug, so the 
bonus itself has been removed in ES, so that the correct AR is displayed in the character screen.
-''Min/Max Damage and ED Jewel Bug'': If a jewel with Min/Max Damage and Enhanced Damage is socketed into armor, the ED part doesn't work correctly. Please socket those jewels into weapons.
-''Leap Attack and Charge Bug'': When you are using these skills and hit at a certain moment of the attack, the attack may be disabled until the next game.
-''Fend Bug'': The Dodge/Avoid/Evade animations during Fend make further attacks in that Fend cycle miss. This bug isn't fixed, but it matters less in ES, because:
--The interval of each Fend cyle is 40% shorter in ES
--The attack number is capped at 7 in ES (12 in LoD)
--The D/A/E animations take only 4 frames for 1H melee weapons and 1 frame for 2H melee weapons (8 frames in LoD).
-''Mercenary and Aura Item Bug (2)'': When your mercenary dies, you have to re-equip their aura item to activate the aura from the item again.
-''Stuck Character Bug'': Characters can get stuck between the map objects like the graves, caskets, armor/weapon stands, etc. Teleporting (or sometimes using a town portal) can be used to get out. Otherwise, a Save and Exit is necessary.
-''Invisible Mercenary Bug'': The mercenary can rarely be invisible, but still attacks and gets attacked. This appears to be a display bug only.
-''Oskill Whirlwind Bug'': If a character levels up during a Whirlwind, he/she will get stuck and unable to interact with the game. A Save and Exit fixes the problem.
-''Character Status Graphic Bug'': Characters and mercenaries may stay green or blue, even after the poison/cold duration expires. This display glitch also occurs with Curse and Aura graphics.
-''Door Graphic Bug'': Sometimes open doors are displayed as if they are closed.
-''CtC/Charge Minion Bug'': Minions summoned by CtC spells or charges sometimes die or expire without any reason. CtC minions can also crash the game, if the skill is activated by a mercenary or an Iron Golem.
For this reason, CtC minions have been removed from ES items. (The only remaining CtC minion is CtC Valkyrie on LoD "Peace" runeword.) Charged minions still remain, because they can be useful for synergy, but please note those charged minions may suddenly die and are less reliable.
-''Mana Burn Bug'': Mana Burn monsters drain mana 256 times the intended amount. This leads most mana burn attacks to empty a players mana bulb completely.
-''Inferno Bug'': Inferno, Arctic Blast and Wake of Inferno only deal 1/2 to 1/3 of their listed damage. The animation for the area of effect is also misleading, as the damage does not occur in the entire area of the graphic.
-''Andarial Quest Drop Bug'': Andarial continues to drop the quest drop (the first kill drop) if you continue on to Act 2 without Saving and Exiting after killing her for the first time.
-''Single/Realm Bug'': An error occurs when you try to connect Battle Net after you play a single game, or vice versa. According to the error message, this seems a limitation of D2 itself.
-''Morphing and Animation Speed Issue'': The monsters you can transform into by the Special Charms have their own animation speed (attack, cast, run, etc.), which is generally slower than that of player characters. To make up for this drawback, each special charm has pretty good bonuses.
//-''Barbarian Stamina Display Bug'': A display bug has been reported for Barbarians with the increased stamina skill who use a skill shrine. The maximum stamina will still display at the higher amount, although it will only fill to the correct amount. This makes it appear as if the Barbarian is unable to regain full stamina. Save and Exit fixes this problem.
//Hurricane Sound Bug: If you recast hurricane before the first one runs out, there's no sound.
(Some bugs are quoted from diabloii.net forum.)

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