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**Concept [#zff97665]
This build uses Guided or Legend arrow and tele as its main skills


**Current Stats [#lb7a95bb]
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:Guided Arrow Damage|15k~60k
:Strafe Damage|7079~28k
:Max Life|4982 
:Max Mana|408
:Resists|F:75 C:70 L:70 P:75

**Base Stats [#qd74bdf8]
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:Strength|125 or Minimum Requisite for Equipments
:Dexterity|my base was around 200 but this can vary, most dex boosts come from d-stone

**Skills [#k3e1af10]
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:Legend Arrow|max
:Multi Shot|15
:Decoy, Valk, Sway, Dodge|1
:Critical Strike|5
:Magical Arrow|1 (for PI)
:All prerequisites|1

**Equipments [#y5463134]
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:Weapon1|"Faith" runeworded Ancient Bow (dstoned for max eg, ias, dex, 16/16leech, 100cb,  100 DS) 	
:Weapon2|"Moonlight" runeworded Grand Matron bow (dstoned for mx ed, ias, 50/50leech, 100ds, 100 ow, 84 cb, (Kenijs arrows)
&color(blue){12% Chance to cast Level 20 Inner Sight on Striking}; 
&color(blue){+120% Increased Attack Speed};
&color(blue){+900% Enhanced Damage};
&color(blue){+249% Enhanced Maximum Damage (Based on Clvl)};
&color(blue){+175 to Attack Rating};
&color(blue){50% Life Stolen Per Hit};
&color(blue){50% Mana Stolen Per Hit};
&color(blue){+1000 Magic Damage};
&color(blue){100% Chance of open wounds};
&color(blue){100% Chance of Deadly Strike};
&color(blue){+19 to Strafe (Amazon Only)};
:Helm|"Peace" runeworded Grim Helm 
:Armor|	"Fortitude" Gemmstoned armor (dstoned max res, dex, life%, dam to mana)
:Gloves|"Swamp" War gauntlets, (dstoned for max dex, ias, life %, fcr)
:Belt|Smiles of fortune Demonhide sash (dstoned for max life %)
:Boots|"Shank" War boots, (dstoned for max life %, fcr)
:Amulet|Call of the minotaur
:Ring1|Zodiac band
:Ring2|Elven blessing
:Inventory|Angel odd charm, lothars will, deviant cell, yellow jello, unknown hero, Vlad's substinance


:Type|Act 1 Rogue (Fire)
//:Type|Act 2 Desert Mercenary (Conviction)
//:Type|Act 3 Iron Wolf (Fire)
//:Type|Act 5 Barbarian (Defensive)
:Weapon|Rogue's Bow-N (Set Short Bow)

**Strategy & Tips [#c1a2a75e]
Trick to this build is to use tele to avoid swarms and heard them into a line or narrow passage and unleash a folly of strafe. With this build I had 478% Ias and 372% Fcr so speed was never an issue. Eagle eye is a viable option for a boss killer as the massive IAS will still hold up well with the speed negativity of EE. For dueling use multi shot and tele to get a arc of arrows coming from several directions for sorcs and for other classes without tele just port around and pluck a few arrows out

Only other thing to watch out for is mobs in throne room as in hell the leech is greatly reduced. With Moonlight bow equipped I had both leeches at around 80% so aside from no leech able monsters I had no troubles.


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