*Multiple Shot Zon - Suzume [#je19295e]


**Concept [#i51665f6]
This character was made after the "Bugged ED Fix" in R2G, to see how Bowazons suffered by the fix.

She started with an empty shared stash. Strictly speaking, she isn't untwinked because she shared the items with the second character (Level 57 Barbarian), but is almost untwinked.

Her gears were rather poor. I didn't do any heavy crafting (no crafting and no socket on the bow, for example), because I liked to see how bad the average Amazon became. But contrary to my guess, she wasn't so bad. She could run Hell Cows in /players 5 pretty well.

Perhaps getting an oskill Amp ring was a luckier thing than the average. But if you need oskill amp for anything, you can use Raka's Folly, which can be made from the normal unique stone.

Recently I read the discussions that Bowazons suck and need much improvement. But I have the impression that Bowazons aren't so bad, because the combo of Inner Sight and Amplify Damage is damn deadly. This isn't an innovative build guide, but I wrote this as an example of average Multiple Shot Zon. Hope this may be any help for Bowazon players. 

**Stats [#i420d986]
Level 92

Strength 111
Dexterity 571
Vitality 254
Ene 99

Life 2605 (with BO)
Mana 1212 (with BO)
Fire Resist 68%
Cold Resist 75%
Lightning Resist 75%
Poison Resist 85%

354% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
488% Extra Gold
Piercing Attack 96% (71% from Pierce, 25% from Ring of Vengence)
Deadly Strike 48%
Crushing Blow 0%
Open Wounds 0%
Slow 0%

Legendary Arrow Damage 2746-6930 (with Venom)
Multiple Shot Damage 3912-9189 (with Venom)
Multiple Shot AR 12967

Defense 644 (3176 with Shout)

**Skills [#v9698044]
Skill boost includes +3 from Barbarian merc's BCom.

-Decoy 1 (18)
-Inner Sight 1 (18) -64% Enemy Physical Resist
-Critical Strike 30 (47)
-Frost Nova 1 (18)
-D/A/E 1 (18)
-Slow Missiles 25 (42)
-Penetrate 1 (18)
-Pierce 1 (18) 71% Pierce
-Valkyrie 20 (37)

-Multiple Shot 1 (18)
-Guided Arrow 1 (18)
-Legendary Arrow 20 (37)
-Strafe 1 (18)

-Venom 0 (30)

**Equipment [#f6ff3a5f]
-Weapon1: Artemis Wrath (ED 259%, Damage 68-338)
-Quiver: Kenji's Winged Arrow (when tested)
-Weapon2: Secret of Ooze + 2 jewels
--+2 To All Skills
-Shield: Defender of Justice
-Helm: Spirit Crown RW Hawk (Ta Ka)
-Torso: 6 socket Scale Mail + 6 jewels
--+1 To Amazon Skill Level
--+89% Increased Attack Speed
--+71% Enhanced Damage
--+10 To Minimum Damage
--+15% Bonus To Attack Rating
--+16-57 Cold Damage
--+14 Defense
--+30 To Strength
--+69 To Vitality (based on clvl)
--+34 To Energy (based on clvl)
--Replensh Life +10
--Increase Maximum Mana 7%
--Regenerate Mana 17%
-Gloves: Sharkskin Gloves RW Wealth (To Mi)
-Belt: Autolycus' Thieving Tool + 1 jewel
--+7% Enhanced Damage
--+69 To Dexterity (based on clvl)
-Boots: Boots of Sneaking + 1 jewel
--+23 Maximum Damage (based on clvl)
--+56 To Attack Rating
--+11 Poison Damage Over 2 Seconds
--+23 To Vitality (based on clvl)
-Amulet: Beads of the Guardian
-Ring1: Ring of Vengence
--8% Mana Stolen (D-Stoning x 4)
-Ring2: Death Knot Rare Ring, req level 36
--6% Mana Stolen
--+3 To Amplify Damage
--Increase Maximum Mana 16%
--Fire Resist 39%
--Cold Resist 13%
--Lightning Resist 13%
--Poison Resist 13%
--14% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
--Deviant Cell: no craft
--Lothar's Will: Amazon Skill Forged
--Yellow Jello: Amazon Skill Forged
--Perfect Cell: Amazon Skill Forged
--White Odd Charm: RW Spirit (Ko Ko Ro)
--Damage Augumenter
--3 Rare GCs
--3 Magic GCs
--5 Rare LCs
--4 Magic LCs
--10 Rare SCs
--4 Magic SCs

**Hirelings [#f27e757c]
Act 5 Defensive Barbarian

I had planned to D-Stone 120% Max Life to Achilles set (40% to each piece) at first. But I stopped it at 64% because I found he rarely dies in Hell Cow with the current life.

-Weapon: Hell Barb Merc Set
--P-Obsidian x 2, Ya Rune
-Helm: Hell Barb Merc Set
--P-Ruby x 2
-Torso: Hell Merc Set
-Torso: Hell Merc Set + 3 jewels
--+57 Strength (based on clvl)
--+57 Strength (based on clvl), Damage Reduced by 6
--+57 Enhanced Damage (based on clvl)
-Glove: Ahilles'
-Belt: Achiles'
--Increase Maximum Life 24% (by D-Stoning)
-Boots: Achilles'
--Increase Maximum Life 40% (by D-Stoning)
-Amulet: Collar of the Minotaur
-Ring1: Elemental Jewel
-Ring2: Ring of Vengence

**Strategy & Tips [#ac4b29e3]
Cast Amp and IS. Reduce cows to 1/2 by Multileple Shot. Then switch to Legendary Arrow.
She has 2600 Life, so getting two hits or three doesn't matter.


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