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**Concept [#fd2f8558]
The Nova Barb in ES is actually better than most sorc builds. He has much more life, many passives, can dualwield +% Spell damage dstoned weapons, and has Ancients Call and Warcry to support his elemental damage. 

Edit: Updated to R6. The Nova Barb became a Lightning Barb and uses mainly Plasma Rain now. 

**Base Stats [#sfd228e9]
Str and Dex needed for equip should come from jewels and Strength of the Ancients skill. 

**Skills [#b2e0895d]
:Nova| Max
:Plasma Rain| Max 
:Thunderstorm| Max
:Battle Commands| 1 
:Ancients call| 1 (lvl 41 with equip would be nice)
:Strength of the Ancients, Vigor of the Ancients, Natural resists |1
:Lightning skill synergies| all remaining points
Lightning Mastery (necessary)
:Useful other skills|
Find Item

**Equipment [#rbd4825a]
A nova barb should get at least 63, better 105 fast cast. This can be easily dstoned into non-weapon slots. Sapphire melding boots and helmet is also a good idea, providing fast cast and mana. 
:Sockets| Sesheronyas Spark, forged +barb skills, or Skill jewels, or lightning skill damage jewels forged with Combat Masteries.
:Forgings| +Skills 
:Weapon1| Thundergods Anger (+1 Lightning Mastery), Dstoned lighting skill damage 	
:Weapon2| Anything with good skill boost (Barbaric Totem, Secret of the Ooze), Dstoned lightning skill damage
:Helm|rare Class specific helmet with +skills 
:Armor|	Insight or Eternal Reign, best base item would be an Archmage Robe with +3 Lightning mastery	
:Gloves|Belt of Zeus (transformed)
:Belt|Belt of Zeus
:Boots|Flickerheel, Sapphire melded
:Amulet|Spellcasters Aide or good rare/barb craft
:Rings| Zodiac Bands or good rare/barb craft
:Inventory|Skill forged unique charms, War cry and/or Masteries tab charms, preferably with mana, life and resists

**Hirelings [#r06f6bfe]
Merc is of course an act 2 conviction merc
Equip: as much +skills as possible, otherwise damage reduced% and +life. Useful Auras would be Meditation, Defiance, Holy Freeze, Elemental protection Auras, and Vigor. 
:Armor|Insight for Meditation aura if not equipped already	

**Strategy & Tips [#b5a1b65e]
Before engaging, cast Battle Commands, Battle Orders, Shout, and Thunderstorm. Stop the monsters in their tracks with War Cry, cast Ancients Call once and Nova them to death. Lightning immunes shouldnt be a problem with conviction merc and high lvl ancients call, but if You meet any unbreakables, try to kill them with War Cry. 


**Comments [#raa399d4]
- Photography http://albendazole.blinkweb.com albendazole rxlist  9. Enzymes preparations, anti-oxidants, liver tonics.  -- [[Isaac]] &new{03-28-2013 (Thu) 19:59:07};
(Disabled commenting because excessive spam, also necroing, sorry -psycho2)
- http://miyoshino.la.coocan.jp/eswiki/?Hall_Wiz_Kid  <- it's under hall of Glory, i never redid his pics, but he's 91 and has 27.5k life.  All the gear i used is up there, his damage is even better now also. -- [[Frome]] &new{11-01-2007 (Thu) 00:00:20};
- The roaring thunder amulett is quite pathetic for non-sorcs as endgame gear. It can be used as placeholder but I wouldnt put it on the list as desirable gear.  -- [[goeido]] &new{10-26-2007 (Fri) 07:57:49};
- IIRC that roaring thunder amulet has ctc low lvl thunderstorm when struck. PITA when you're probably already packing a very high lvl tstorm. Not sure if ctc overrides an active native skill; anyone know for sure? I just assumed it does. -- [[Parabola]] &new{10-26-2007 (Fri) 04:22:42};
- there is a unique amulet with Lightning Mastery.  Sure it's not great, but if you are dying to use a weapon other than Thundergod's Anger, you can use a real weapon paired with a crappy amulet.  That might be more palatable until a better lightning mastery source comes along. -- [[Blinn]] &new{10-25-2007 (Thu) 21:53:28};
- I just put in Thundergods because its an "easy" way to get lightning mastery, it can be gambled or made with the unique stone. With a better source of lightning mastery, it can of course be replaced.  -- [[Goeido]] &new{10-25-2007 (Thu) 18:43:20};
- Not a huge fan of Tgod's Anger -not much dstoning room. Messing around with a nova barb at the moment, dual-wielding weapons with a low lvl req/+skills/+mana works very well. Planning on using Unknown RW for the lightning mastery ; unless i happen to find a helm or rings with lightning mastery instead. I simply recommend getting light mastery on armor/jewellery, and saving the weapons for heavy light dmg% dstoning. Of course, if you have a ton of maples, tgod's anger would end up pretty nice also :) -- [[Parabola]] &new{10-25-2007 (Thu) 12:04:09};

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