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**Concept [#j9866caf]
The pure fire sorc invests all her skillpoints in Meteor, Immolation and synergies for devastating fire damage, and tries to get other useful skills from staffmods. Under construction.  

**Base Stats [#y9b47809]


**Skills [#q433c2b9]
:Fire Bolt|Max
:Fire Ball|Max
:Fire Mastery|1 or more if You maxed all skills
:Soul Shiver|1
:Cold Mastery|1 no prereqs, higher boost than oskill

**Staffmods [#o90ce32d]
These Staffmods should be obtained from the Killshandras rings, a runeword Archmage Robe, a crafted amulett, or large charms. 

:Static Field|
:Frozen Orb|or other good non-fire damage skills

**Oskills [#a08e5dfd]
:Lower Resists|from the Killshandra rings
:Battle Orders|from a rare/craft ammy, rare circlet or weapon switch

**Equipment [#w8ac7f57]
Equipment should be all skills forged as possible, and socketed with +skills jewels or jewels with fire skill tab forging. 
:Weapon|Secret of the Ooze or crafted/rare orb with high skill boost, dstoned +% fire skill damage.  	
:Weapon|Secret of the Ooze or crafted/rare orb with high skill boost, dstoned +% fire skill damage. 
:Shield|rare reflection shield with +1 skills and shielding mod 	
:Weapon switch|Bo javelin and + all skills shield
:Armor|Insight Archmage Robe
:Helm|Rare circlet, with high skill boost and maybe shielding mod	
:Shield|Rare/crafted reflection shield	
:Gloves|Firehearts Hand
:Belt|Rumour of Pain
:Boots|Rumour of Pain (transformed)
:Amulet|Anything with good skill boost
:Inventory|Fire skill charms, staffmod charms, Captive RW charm

**Hirelings [#r5beddf1]
First choice should be a conviction merc, without one of these using ArchDimeron gemword helm is necessary.
:Type|Act 2 Desert Mercenary (Conviction)
//:Type|Act 3 Iron Wolf (Fire)
//:Type|Act 5 Barbarian (Defensive)
The merc should have as much +skills as possible, while having high resists, damage reduce, life, and life leech. 
**Strategy & Tips [#w7c6a47f]
Against normal monsters, just cast Lower Resists on them, then kill them with Immolation. Against Bosses, use Meteor and Static Field. Against fire immunes, try to break their immunities or kill them slowly with merc and staffmod skills. 


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