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**Concept [#q19790d4]
WARNING: Janssadi is my Wrecking Ball 2 Tourney Character. Her stat distribution and some of her gear is not normal.She is geared towards maximum dexterity and uses a large number of charms to compensate for this. I would reccommend a lot more points in vit and a lot less in dex for anyone trying this build.


Jansaadi is the ES version of and LoD favorite, the Lightning Fury Amazon. The big difference is that in ES you will have a lot more back-up than in LoD. In ES, LF is synergized by 3 other Javelin skills. One of each element; fire, cold, and poison. These other skills also all synergize each other. That means that while synergizing your LF you will be building up 3 viable PRIMARY skills as back-ups. 

A key feature of this build is that all of your primary attack skills; LF, Pyre, Frost, and Plague; are Left Mouse Button Skills! This means you can use the RMB for the Oskill Conviction from the ArchDimeron gemword. This will help your javelin skills immensely. This also means you can go for Ancients Call (from a Offensive Barb Merc) or Lower Resist to further reduce enemy resistances. Personally, I went with Lower Resist b/c that meant I could use a Defensive Barb Merc, who is a great tank and has BO/BC. 

**Skills [#c5c4d776]

Passive and Magic: naked/geared

Critical Strike : 1/19 (67% chance) 
Penetrate : 1/19 
Pierce : 1/19 (74% chance) 
Decoy : 1/22 
Dodge : 1/19 
Aviod : 1/19 
Evade : 1/19 
Valkyrie : 1/19 (with buffing gear; +3P&M rings/ammy/helm/gloves; i reach lvl29) 
Slow Missles : 0/21 (from ring) 

Javelin and Spear: naked/geared

Jab : 1/17 
Pyre Strike : 30/46 
Frost Javelin : 25/41 
Plague Javelin : 21/37 (currently maxing) 
Lightning Fury : 20/42 


Conviction : lvl18 
Might : lvl18 
Burst of Speed : lvl23 
Lower Resist : lvl11 (on weapon switch)

**Spending Stat Points [#aa95877f]

Strength : 30/162 <- I suggest bumping to ~50 
Dexterity : 415/697  <- I think 250-300 would be a good balance
Vitality : 100/102 <- with the extra ~150 points you'll be good
Energy : 20/32 

Life : 610/1306 (w/ BO: 2908) 
Mana : 200/371 (w/ BO: 841) 

Fire Resist: -100/76 
Cold Resist: -100/76 
Lite Resist: -100/71 
Pois Resist: -100/58 

**Equipment [#m80e5da7]
Weapon : Zeus's Bolts (Unique Matriarchal Javelin) : +140%ed +21% lite skill dmg 
Shield : Spikewall (Unique Barbed Shield) : +15%CB, +21%DS, 2os w/ rare jools w/ dex(clvl) and resist 
Helm : ArchDimeron (Gemword Grand Crown) 
Torso : Unknown Spiked Armor (MiChiSuU) : +1 to all masteries, 1007 def 
Gloves : (Rare Heavy Bracers): +2P&M skills, +4 THROWING MASTERY, socketed w/ rare jool w/ dex and str 
Belt : Rumor of Pain (Unique Sharkskin Belt) : -13/-11/-15/-6 (f/l/c/p) 
Boots : Boots of the Valiant (Unique Battle Boots) : FRW/IAS/CB(clvl)/DS(clvl) sweet boots... 

Ring 1 : Dfuzzz's Fingerguard (Un. Amazonian Loop): +41%ED, +8BoS, +6ImmoArrow (useless to me), +24 res-all, +32%MF 
Ring 2 : Dfuzzz's Fingerguard (Un. Amazonian Loop): +51%ED, +7BoS, +3Decoy, +3Slow Missles, +23 res-all, +32%MF 
Amulet : Plague's Last Arrowhead (Un. Amazonian Pin): +15%ml, +12 all-stat, +48 res-all, +48%MF, about to be Aura Forged! 

Weapon 2 : Unlawful Burnt Wand (FuHoU): +3 Lower Resist 
Shield 2 : Hot Grim Shield (NeTsu) : +2 All Skills 

Charms: Deviant Cell, Perfect Cell, lots and lots charms w/ life, resists, and dexterity

**Hirelings [#d3c2037f]
Act V Defensive Barbarian hired in Normal 

Life : 5962 
Defense : 28312 
All Resists : 85% 
Damage : 6089-12552 
Dmg w/ Might : 10475-21410 

Full Hell Merc Set: Torso and Helm Socketed w/ ED jools and Weapon socketed w/ 2x ED and IAS jools and a P.obd
Full Achilles' Set: 
All Rare Jewelry : all have +1 skills and Life leech. D-stoned with more life leech. Mixed resists and other mods.

**Strategy & Tips [#k425c969]
Assigning Skills:
This is a very fast starting build. Since all your skills deal heavy elemental damage, early on in the game you don't need a good weapon. NOTE: The only reason I push my physical damage so high is for leeching purposes. Pyre Javelin is a lvl6 skill so you can pump it up pretty fast. My stratedgy was to place a single point in passives and my other java skills as they came availible, while putting the rest into Pyre Javelin. Once I reached lvl30 I proceeded to max out Lightning Fury. After that I finished maxing Pyre. Then Frost and I am still working on Plague. 
My Reccomendation would be... 

|Level|Skill (saved)|
|2|Crit Strike|
|5|SAVE (2)|
|31-50|Max Lightning Fury|
|51-60|Max Pyre Javelin|
|60-80|Max Frost Javelin|
|80-XX|Max Plague Javelin|

Note: I remembered the skills from quests about half way through the table and didnt feel like changing the numbers. It will only mean you don't have to save as many points. Pyre and Pre-reqs to start. Then max LF once available. Max Pyre second, Frost third, and Plague last. 

Assigning Stats: 
First ~20 need to go to Dex for AR. 
Next ~20 should go to Vit 
After that 3 Vit and 2 Dex through about lvl50-60 
Finish up with 4/5 Vit and 1/0 Dex. 

Playing the Game: 
Blood Moor: 
-Twinked you'll be fine 
-Untwinked: Run Run Run. Pick on the fallen and quill rats. AVIOD rogues and brutes. Invest all stat points in dex early on for AR. Craft some leech rings. Minimal gear and any javelin will get you by once you reach lvl6. 

Rest of ActI: 
At 12 you get Frost so you can freeze packs. Pyre will eat Andy for lunch. Craft some +3 jewelry if you want better damage. 

Hire a Combat Town Gurad (ActII merc). Try to get a javelin with decent damage and some IAS. Don't forget you can D-stone a little if necessary. By the time you reach Duriel you Pyre will be doing nice damage. Keep your merc and a Decoy b/w you and Duriel and spam away Pyre. You WILL need mana pots. LOTS! 

Once you get to 30 and get LF the pace picks up quite a bit. YOu will need a lot of mana leech and decent physical damage to fuel LF. As you LF gets higher monster die faster and faster. Spam away LF. 

Rest of Normal: 
LF will take care of everything. I dont remember any LIs in normal but if there were/are then Pyre did/should take care of them fast enough. Fast hard hitting mobs get hit with Frost first for the Freeze. Bosses and high life monsters get hit with Plague first for the steady damage and pseudo-PMH. Keep a Decoy in between you bosses or biug dangerous monsters. 
Once you rescue Qual-Kheck's men then Hire a Defensive Barbarian Merc. 

Before you start take some time to run the special areas to farm some gold. Get yourself a 4-os helm ASAP. THis is why you should do GF runs in normal. You WANT to make ArchDimeron ASAP. Conviction makes an insane difference. All your skills are LMB skills so your RMB is a perfect place for Conviction. 

Once you get it the rest of nightmare should be a breeze. Improve you gear as necessary to survive resists, DR, defense, leech, and life are the most important stats to consider. You will also need to find a decent weapon. I reccommend Guilded Spikes War Javelin. Also you might want to start lookign for oskill Lower Resist. You can get it on rings/ammy/torso 

Take the time to run some special areas. You need good gear to survive in Hell. If you can't find what you're looking for in the special areas then at least you should have some gold to gamble in Hell. 

3 Pieces of my End Game equipment are Exceptional Uniques which can be gambled/found in nightmare. 
Rumor of Pain 
Boots of the Valiant 

I made my ArchDimeron in early nightmare (actII i think) and crafted all my jewelry in late nightmare, after I beat Baal. That gave me 7 of my 10 end game items before I entered Hell. You could also gamble/craft some good gloves in late NM. 

Gamble Zeus' Bolt ASAP. Make sure to keep your resists, DR, and defense up. Gamble/craft some good gloves if you havent already. 
Also a rare ring/ammy/torso can spawn oskill Lightning Mastery, which is a good option until you can find a Su rune. FIND A SU RUNE. With this rune you can make Unknown Armor which will give you +1 to all sorc masteries (oskill) to provide a very nice damage boost for your 3 primary skills. I found mine in the Marsh of Pain. Take the time to re-roll the armor 
until you get +1 to ALL THREE masteries. 


Mobs of non-lightning immunes: Spam LF. They'll be dead in no time. 
Mobs of LIs (unbreakable w/ conviction): Cast Decoy/Frost, Cast Lower Resist, THEN Spam LF. (Frost is no good vs Hidden. They're CBF in Hell as far as I can tell.) 
Fast moving and Hard Hitting LIs: Throw a Frost or two, Cast Lower Resist, Then Spam LF. 
Unbreakable LIs or Huge Resist(I haven't seen any. Baal's Duriel Minion has big resist after conv+LR but NOT immune): Cast Decoy, Throw a Plague, Spam Pyre/Frost 
Bosses: Keep a Decoy b/w boss and yourself. Cast Lower Resist, Throw a Plague, Spam Pyre. Too me it seems LF is beter vs crowds and Pyre is better vs single targets. 
Vs Baal I usually switch to Might. It provides a huge boost to my merc's damage and he has big DS and CB. 

The idea is pretty simple. Summon Valk, cast BoS, and spam away with LF. Use Decoy, Frost, Pyre, Plague, and Lower Resist as needed


This is a very viable, fun, and powerful character. With 5 different sources of damage nothing can possibly be immune. IMO, this is the most versitile build in ES. 

Huge elemental damage + Conviction + Lower Resist = lots of dead monsters. 

With a couple key pieces of equipment (read = ArchDimeron; although Unknown is key as well) this character can solo any area in the game. I have run several, but not all, of the special areas with this character on players8, and thats with medeocire life. She had little trouble ith any of them.


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