the naraku stages are really gimped in this version comparied to the R5g. I was able to sail through the naraku areas with my barb at lvl 88 with less than optimal equipment. In R5g and earlier I was only able to make it past the ghost dinosaurs with ONLY my sorc, using INSANE charged bolt ONLY with res -'s. All I am saying is that there is a balance issue with the new version as far as power of char vs. power of enemies. I have always had a goal of beating naraku and the levels that appear after that, but in this recent version it made it so easy that I was not impressed. And, I was dissapointed at the changes in the current version as far as monster vs. character ability. If anyone wants more info on my findings then please say something in response to this post. All of this took place on the "HELL" difficulty.

comment by goeido:

in my opinion zon, barb, and assassin got easier because of better minions and more weapon damage in r6. i cant tell for other classes yet. but this should better be discussed on the phrozen keep forum, not on the wiki.

Comment from Metro:

Goeido is correct. This is not the place for these types of comments. To the person who wrote this page — please delete the page and share your feelings at the 3.1 thread at the Eastern Sun forum. Thanks.

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