This page is the material for the discussion about Shadow Warrior's AI.

**Test Files [#t7353fb1]

--Uizip to get following 4 folders. Each folder contains monstats.txt with an altered  chance for both Shadows to use normal attack. You can copy one to "es300r\data\global\excel" folder to test the altered AI's. Copying the original one cancels the change.
---60%_Chance (Original)

**Skills.txt [#u1ee229d]

***AITYPE [#w6ae5439]
-To let Shadows use an Assassin skill, AITYPE column must be set correctly.

|1|Bos, Fade, Venom, Shade Armor, Blade Shield|Prebuff Skills?|
|2|Cloak of Shadows|Curses?|
|3|Lava Sentry, Lightning Sentry, Steam Sentry, Death Sentry|Traps?|
|4|Tiger Strike, FoF, CoT, BoI, Phoenix Strike&br;DTalon, DTail, DClaw, Iaigiri, Dragon Blade|Melee Skills?|
|5|Psychic slash, Shuriken, Blade Sentinel, Poison Stream&br;Cold Blast, Ice Fang, Cold Wave|Missile Skills?|
|10|Melee Mastery, Weapon Block|Passive Skills?|
|11|Shock Web, Mind Blast|Area Effect Skills?|
|12|Cobra Strike (Removed in R6)|Life Leech Skills?|
|13|Dragon Flight|Teleport Skills?|

--In LoD, the AITYPE of Frozen Armor (including MonFrozenArmor) is set to 1. But this seems a mistake, because when it's set to 1, Oskill Shadow Master summoned by a Sroceress keeps strangely casting Frozen Armor and does no other things. To avoid that problem, it's set to 0 in ES.
--In LoD, the AITYPE of Shadow Warrior and Shadow Master is set to 3 (Traps), which seems to make no sense because Shadows don't/can't summon another Shadow. Because some players reported it seemed Shadows rarely try to summon another Shadow and cause a crash, those are set to 0 in ES.

--Shock Web is a missile skill, so its AITYPE being 11, not 5 seems strange. Shadow Master seem to prefer both Shock Web and Mind Blast, so 11 may be a prefered number, and giving AITYPE 11 to a skill may make Shadows use that skill often.
--It seems strange that charge-ups and finishers have the same AITYPE. How much they charge can be completely random.

***AIBONUS [#ac71db7d]

-There is also a column called AIBONUS, which seems related to AI, but only two skills have the parameter other than zero.
-This column had been supposed to be the preference of Shadows (How often Shadows use that skill), but recently it has been reported that changing this parameter seems to make no difference.
-So there seems no skill preference settings and why Shadow often use some skills and hardly use others is currently unknown.

|3|Blade Sentinel|?|
|-3|Phoenix Strike|?|

**Monstats.txt [#of703628]

***Shadow Warrior [#i761f61b]

|AI Param|Value|Comment by Blizzard|Meaning|
|aip1|40|max target dist|?|
|aip1 (N)|40|max target dist|?|
|aip1 (H)|40|max target dist|?|
|aip2|30|max boss dist|?|
|aip2 (N)|30|max boss dist|?|
|aip2 (H)|30|max boss dist|?|
|aip3|60|attack chance|Chance to use normal attack in Normal?|
|aip3 (N)|60|attack chance|Chance to use normal attack in NM?|
|aip3 (H)|60|attack chance|Chance to use normal attack in Hell?|
|aip4|1|skill decrement|?|
|aip4 (N)|1|skill decrement|?|
|aip4 (H)|1|skill decrement|?|
|aip8|268|summoning skill|Skill ID of Shadow Warrior|
|aip8 (N)|5|min to use skill|?|
|aip8 (H)|64|max to use skill|?|

***Shadow Master [#b13f10e1]

|AI Param|Value|Comment by Blizzard|Meaning|
|aip1|20|approach dist|?|
|aip1 (N)|10|melee bonus|?|
|aip1 (H)|10|progressive bonus|?|
|aip2|20|random pick|?|
|aip2 (N)|36|ignore range|?|
|aip2 (H)|36|boss leash|?|
|aip3|60|attack chance|Chance to use normal attack in Normal?|
|aip3 (N)|60|attack chance|Chance to use normal attack in NM?|
|aip3 (H)|60|attack chance|Chance to use normal attack in Hell?|
|aip8|279|summoning skill|Skill ID of Shadow Master|

**Observations [#r9e126a8]
***Shadow Warrior: [#e70023a3]

-Some quick observations from playing around with the parameters (Nameless). Confirmation / testing required.

-aip1 ("max target dist") seems to be the distance at which the SW notices monsters. Decresing this will cause her to just stand around until the monsters come close to her. 

-aip2 ("max boss dist") seems to control the maximum distance the SW will stray from your char. Setting this to a low number means that she stands very close to you and breaks off fights if you move away from the monster she's fighting. 

-aip2 ("max boss dist") is the max distance to the char. I have not tested this, but it is likely that aip2 (H) ("boss leash") serves the same function for the SM. Since it is bigger (36 vs 30) it means that the SM will wait longer until she starts running after you. Reducing this would curtail her "freedom" a bit, but could reduce the amount of teleporting she has to do to keep up and reduce how often she disappears when teleporting.

-aip3 ("attack chance") seems more connected to if she attacks at all rather than if she uses a skill or a normal attack. If you set this to 0, then the SW doesn't attack at all, she still moves to stand next to monsters, but then she doesn't do anything. She doesn't use any skills either. 

-aip4 ("skill decrement") actually seems to be related to how often a SW uses Skills, particularly ranged skills. I increased this to 90 and my SW stood back and cast MB/PS at monsters without charging into melee all the time. Every now and then she still goes into melee and from then on she uses only normal attacks. I haven't tested this change on a 'sin with melee skills, so I have no idea if increasing this would handicap the SW for melee builds.

-aip8 (N) ("min to use skill") I'm not sure what this is, but this is possibly the minimum distance to a monster to use ranged attacks. Setting this to 0 increases skill use marginally, but she still charges into melee most of the time.

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