**Concept [#vb682bdd]
In R6, Shadow Masters were greatly improved. You can get 2 of them, Summon Mastery boosts their skill levels, and the annoying conversion chance of Mind Blast was removed. 

Shuriken is the ideal backup for these Shadow Masters, since it works fine with only one skill point invested. With the correct equip, it is possible to make a very safe char with a good damage output. 

**Base Stats [#naf95860]
In R6, its best to invest most stat points into dex, to improve Shuriken damage, AR, Def, and block chance
:Strength|none or as needed for equip
:Dexterity|all remaining points
:Vitality|as needed, 100-200

**Skills [#y5682330]
Since the Shadow Master skill levels are calculated from the Assassins soft skill levels, its best to invest one point in every skill the Shadows use.   
:Summoning Mastery|Max
:Shadow Warrior|Max
:Shadow Master|Max
:All skills the Shadow Masters use|1

**Oskills [#u1422d97]
Since oskills from gloves are best for this char, belt and boots should also be transformed gloves. 
:Might Aura| Jewelry and Gloves
:Revive| HoRiYo Runeword Odd Charm
:Throwing Mastery| Gloves or Weapon
:Battle Orders| Jewelry or Circlet or Merc
:Pierce| Gloves or Weapon, or dstone jewelry instead
:Annihilation on equip| Aura Forging, Merc Weapon
:Concentration on equip| Aura Forging, Merc Weapon

**Equipment [#i2462db4]
Main Priority should be getting as much +all skills as possible, and the important oskills. Main skill tab are Shadow Skills. 

:Weapon|Ethereal DualMax Throwing Dagger 	
:Helm|Rare Circlet with +Skills
:Armor|"Sorrow" Runeword Shinobi Cloak	
:Shield|Rare Reflection Shield, preferably with +1 all skills and Shielding mod. 	
:Gloves|Rare with Oskill
:Belt|Rare, transformed from gloves
:Boots|Rare, transformed from gloves
:Jewelry|rares or crafts with +skills and oskills
:Inventory|HoRiYo RW odd charm, unique charms, shadow skill charms

**Hirelings [#ccd16db4]
I prefer having an act 1 rogue, but any a5 merc or the a2 might merc are also nice for this build 
:Type|Act 1 Rogue (Fire)
:Weapon|Bow with Aura on equip (Rare or INu RW)
:Helm|Rare or RW with Aura on equip
:Gloves|Suffocation of Indifference
:Boots|Hermes Gift
:Amulet|Beads of the Guardian, Annihilation forged
:Rings|Ring of Vengeance

**Strategy & Tips [#b7c01a65]
Prebuff Venom, Shade Armor (in hell mode), Blade Shield, and Battle Orders. Stay behind the screen of summons, using shuriken and occasionally Cloak of Shadows and Death Sentry. Revives provide the meat shields, Shadow Masters some extra damage. 

**Comments [#x8e3ae86]
- All skills the Shadow Masters use -> which skills do they use? -- [[Logil]] &new{12-30-2009 (Wed) 15:46:03};


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