*TCP/IP [#a99bcd06]

**TCP/IP Hosting with a Router [#af47df35]
If you host a TCP/IP game with a router, you need to open port 4000 (Port Forwarding). Please see the manual of your router for details. You can use Hamachi (see below) instead of configuring your router.

**Getting Your External IP Address [#hf9532e1]
D2 can't display the correct external IP address in the game when you use a router. 192.168.xxx.xxx is the internal IP address and can't be used for multiplay. You can see your external IP address at http://www.whatismyip.com

**Cautions for TCP/IP Play [#c7947f99]
-All players must use the same version of ES and the same settings of PlugY.
(The version of LoD in D2 folder doesn't matter.)
-Installing another version of PlugY by yourself causes troubles in TCP/IP games.
-Enabling /nopickup option may cause troubles in TCP/IP games.
-Don't access the shared stash in TCP/IP games. Never, especially if you aren't the host.
-&color(red){A huge shared stash is reported to cause crashes}; in TCP/IP games. Stash Switcher utility is handy to swap your stash with an empty one.
-Mac Compatible patch is required for Windows users to play with Mac users.
-Be wary of handouts from other players, most of the time it is out of good will, but occasionally you could end up with hacked equipment, which takes legitimacy and fun out of the game for all.

*Hamachi [#t3ac04c3]
**What is Hamachi? [#m2e44c3c]
Hamachi is a Virtual Personal Networking application and the beta version is distributed as a freeware.

**What is the merit of using Hamachi? [#q6146abc]
+You can host a TCP/IP game without configuring your router for port forwarding.
+You can join another guy's private network to find the players to play with.

The former would be useful, even if you play only with your friends. The latter works like the channels of Battle Net. You can talk to, and invite to play with, the online members (and can be invited).

**How to use [#z0d5c1f4]
+Visit http://www.hamachi.cc and download the Hamachi program
+Create a username and password so that you may connect
+Enter the server name, and the password for the server
+Click on the power button (bottom left-hand corner)
+Online players are indicated with a green circle, right click and click on send message to contact them
+To easily get the IP of any player, right click their name and click on copy address. This copies the IP address so you can paste(ctrl+v) it into the IP slot on ES.
+Enjoy ;)

**ES Hamachi Servers [#k2ab2fc4]

Here "server" means the private network hosted by volunteer members of ES forum.
Please feel free to add your server to the list.

Please add the location of the host as possible, so that players can find the server of the nearest timezone.

If you know many people play ES in your country, it would make sense to make a dedicated server for that country to communicate with the local language.

Closed ES Realm: 


*HAMACHI NETWORKS [#a99bcd06]           dude like all of these r full idk why they r [#n1edeedf]
*HAMACHI NETWORKS [#a99bcd06]           
**How to Join a Hamachi networks [#af47df35]
Install Hamachi first
then open hamachi and press the triangle button "Create or join networks"
press join an existing network
and type of these network below:

**1) Digan [#m170696d] 
(Hosting since 14/07/2012)

This is for everyone that wants to play ES on Diablo 2 1.10 patch req with that box thingy^^ all ppl welcome^^

Location: Europe 

NETWORK:  Dgs Eastern Sun
**2) Toby's new ES R6D 4.1N (the community patch) server [#af47df35]
Location: Worldwide.

New network for anyone who wants to play ES. Created April 3rd, 2012.

Network Name: Toby's Eastern Sun
Password: es

Inactive players will be kicked.

FYI, this is the name of the old network I am no longer a member of. (Digan i used to be a member of that too it was mine server as long as i remember im back and uptodate so join me too^^)
Network Name: D Easter Sun
Password: es

Edited and created by Toby, aka, Byto.
**3) proj3ct_chaos [#p50b891b]
Location: Canada, active as of Oct 20th, 2010


Password: es

just want friendly people to play and have fun with

**4) Eric [#af47df35]
Active as of September 2nd, '10)
open worldwide

hamachi networks
password : es

password : es

password : es

**5) Dark-Reignie [#s145edb8]
Location: Australia

Australia (es)


**6) Lidagon [#i25eb6fe]
Location: US Central


Password: es

**7) EASTERN SUN ACTIVE [#a5b951bc]

3 servers.

Location: Worldwide

**8) theFaLLeN [#x93fabb2]
Location: Turkey (Serious Players Only, Worldwide)

Password: es

**9) ESTR27 (Eastern Sun Turkey)[#af47df35]
Location:Turkey (as you can see on name)


Password: es

**10) Jon [#m194f059]
Location: Central USA (full)


Password: es

**11) Tardan [#i903de3d]
Location: Berlin, Germany

Eastern Sun Germany R6D

Password: es

**12) RawRi/Hisao [#cc4f3fe1]
Location: Sweden


Password: es

**13) Beekay [#qb10b9b1]
(Active as of 2/21/09)

Password: bk

lol this guy is full leave the network wtf
**14) Uzz [#cc4f3fe1]
Started (08/15/09)

Eastern Sun Pplz (full)

Password: es

I am in Pacific Time =P

**15) es frequintly online [#kf7d2347]
Esablished: sun,aug 23 12:34 2009

network:Eastern Sun Server(full)


go ahead and message me if you want to play

**16) Brazil [#jc1e4ad8]
Started (08/31/09)


Password: br

**17) US-East. Online threw out the week. All members play Eastern Sun, Median, and Snej. [#ba4803a4]
ALL MODERS AND DUPERS WILL BE BOOTED. No CHEATS, moderators will check if you are. All members are welcome otherwise, new or old. Online since 12-15-09. 

Network: MalicePalace(full)
Password: es

**18) Daniel-East coast [#j9b252eb]
Brand spanking new (open since feb '10)
I am using R6D on this network, i suggest you do the same.
Please notify the entire network if you are hosting a game, thank you! (obviously only people who are online)

Location: US East

Network: DPZ EasternSun

Password: es

**19)NEW SERVER UP TO DATE [#z1d8ecca]

join my new server most of these others arent online most of the time...my server is for people who will be online often..if you offline for a week or more i will likly kick you...i wont ban you though

Name: modern sun


Dater posted: 10\20\10

**20)East coast 4.1N community [#j7e7b432]

Brand new server for 4.1N community patch made 8/19/2012 noob and pros welcome and i am online often looking for a change from single player and to make some new friends

Name: Eastern sun 4.1N

Pass: es

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