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Im a long-time diablo 2 fan from Germany. At the moment, I only play the Eastern Sun mod, I mainly play chars for the tournaments of the Phrozen Keep ES forum. I also want to make one high level sc char of every class, so far I only have my Goldfind Amazon and a few half-finished chars.

Im currently working on the R6 Character Builds Compendium

7 Softcore Chars

Things I want for all 7 chars:

  • close to perfect build
  • beat Hell Nilathak
  • at least lvl 95
  • complete equip, all forged, socketed and dstoned, with all unique charms.

Ama Hall_Ama

lvl 98 goldfind bowazon
Status: complete

Matsukaze Hall_Matsukaze

lvl 96 Summoner Samurai Assassin (former Craftsmen tourney participant)
Status: complete

Lucky Hall_Lucky

lvl 95 Dual Throw Barb (former Random tourney participant)
Status: complete

Blitzbear Hall_Blitzbear

lvl 97 Charged Claws druid (former Rares tourney participant)
Status: complete

Cownibert Hall_Cownibert

lvl 91 Fist of Heavens Paladin
Status: in progress

Orochimaru Hall_Orochimaru

lvl 95 Hydramancer (former Set Worshippers tourney participant)
Status: almost complete

SoSo Hall_Soso

lvl 95 Enchantress
Status: complete


The best way to contact me is a PM on the Phrozen Keep Easten Sun Forum.

Looking for

  • rare circlet with +1 all skills +2 Assassin skills +2 Shadow skills
  • rare circlet with +1 all skills, +2 Barb skills and oskill Oak Sage
  • shield with oskill Oak Sage and +1 all skills
  • rare gloves with 2 sockets, Fanatism oskill, and +3 Martial Arts
  • rare belt with 2 sockets, 7+ Summon Skeleton or Oak Sage oskill, and shielding mod.
  • rare jewel with +1 druid skills and -enemy lightning resist
  • rare jewel with +1 sorc or necro skills and -enemy fire resist
  • LC with 2 of the following staffmods: Summon Elemental, Oak sage, Summon Dire Wolf
  • LC with one of the following staffmods and another staffmod: Dragon Flight, Mind Blast, Death Sentry

My Diary


I finished all of my 7 sc chars except the Pally. I got the feeling that the Pally somehow lacks punch, even though his main skill is almost slvl 100, he doesnt do enough damage.

I finally uploaded some screenies for my sorc and my necro.


Happy New Year everybody (at least those who are reading this)! Ive been without computer or internet all Holydays since we visited several relatives.

My Pallys equip is rather complete now that he has a Lightning Mastery ring, and I decided to move on to the sorc for a while, since Firesnake posted about the build I was thinking about, which gave me some new ideas. It will take some time to accumulate the gear (Im rerolling a rare Sharp Bow atm and shopping for 2 socket Summon Skeleton oskill gear) but the skill/equip plan looks fine.

The only char which isnt on track yet is my necro, Im still not 100% sure what to do with him.


I finally rolled the last piece of equip for my Druid, gloves with Elemental Form oskill and 2 sockets, which I transformed into a belt and dstoned for 192 life. Ill update the Hall of Glory page soon. The Barb of my 7 sc chars is also almost complete, lacking only 2 knowledgeable jewels which will turn up sooner or later.

The next char Ill work on will be my FoH Pally, who has been neglected for a while.


I havent had much time for playing recently, and Im not that motivated playing my Cutthroat tourney char since his farming success hasnt been good despite wearing 2 Smiles of Fortune. I finally gambled a druid ring with Lightning Mastery and +1 all skills for my Charged Claws druid (getting 2 rings with Fire Mastery in the process), now his lightning damage increased to 90k per bolt.

I also rerolled a DualMax Ahab Spear for my barb, now he has one true DualMax and a 2.5/2.5 one, so I might put up the wiki page for him soon. Double Throw seems to be quite bugged, or at least the displayed damage is bugged. The monsters dont go down as quickly as the insane numbers in the char screen suggest.


Since my old tournament chars all died, I concentrated a bit on my 7 softcore chars, especially Blitzbear, my Charged Claws Druids. In some lucky Domain Runs and about 30 dclone spawns, I got 3 Vlad Tepeshs and 2 Unknown Hero unique charms over the course of a week, which lowers my motivation for tournament participation because it takes a long time to make a tourney char strong enough to farm for high unique charms and purple runes effectively. Since Blitzbear has a complete set of unique charms now, I still might put some time into the Dagger mini in the future.


I leveled Matsukaze to 95 (getting a Wo rune and an unique charm on the last Baal run), so Ill call her complete for the time being. I also equipped Lucky, my throwbarb, with equip from the shared stash, and hired a Might merc for him. Ill have to make a Hall of Fame Page for him soon. Most of my 7 sc chars are in pretty good state now, so I have my hands free for the upcoming tournaments.


Matsukaze had a short lucky streak today as she got both a Something Wicked (the last unique charm she needed since she will get an Unknown Hero from my GF Druid) and a Nu rune in Gfraizer Dome. She also hit lvl 94.


I started testing a Javazon for the upcoming obsession 2 tournament, but mainly use her to get quick dstones for socket recipes (14 dstones and 4 steaks per unique charm is expensive, normal Lost Farm with a Javazon is a faster way to get them than HotD runs). Lixos+Achilles just kills all of normal mode from a2 onwards, and Lixos can be used for both bowazons and javazons.

Matsukaze hit lvl 93, Venom damage went up to 40k (80k in char screen) and the number of Revives improved to 7. Ill have to remove some shadow skill charms soon to make space for the socketed unique charms.


Since I just cant powershop with my Gameface druid for too long without getting mad, I continued my summoner assassin. She reached lvl 92, and a Vlad Tepeshs dropped during a Baalrun. I started to socket her unique charms with +1 all skill jewels, since she has so many oskills.

I never noticed before, but there are some special potions dropping in Gfrazier dome. They give +1 all skills, +100% ED and +50% life over 45 seconds. ES never ceases to surprise me.


My gameface #2 char is doing well, even though he is a bit unlucky with unique charms (only one in act 2 hell).

I started dismantling my old Wrecking Ball tourney char, using his materials mainly to improve Hall_Matsukazes gear. I already socketed her deviant cell, and will probably start dstoning her jewelry. I also restated and reskilled her for enormous Venom damage.


I made a Page for Matsukaze, my 7 sc chars Assassin, on the Wiki. Her equip still needs a lot of improvement, but the basics are there, she can beat Hell Baal at /p3 with no problems.


I retired 2 of my tourney chars to improve my 7 sc chars. The chars, Matsukaze and Lucky, already went all the way through hell mode and didnt have a shot at winning the tourneys without a lot of farming anyway. Ill put up pages for them in the hall of fame when their equipment is reasonably complete.


Since I rerolled this circlet:
I had to make a FoH Paladin, so I reskilled and restated my old lvl 89 Pally. Even with still incomplete gear, his FoH lvl is 74 so its a promising build.

I also wrote a rare affix evaluation system and added it on this page. The system has been developed for comparing values of rares, for trading and for tourney scoring. It works best for jewelry and circlets, which are the most interesting rares, and ok for other armor pieces. Im not so sure about weapons, though.


Not much gametime today, but my zon replaced her mercs gloves with Iron Fist for a bit more damage reduce and +1 all skills. The Random Tourney barb reached Upper Kurast.


My Random Tourney char progressed to act 3 NM, Double Throw is a really good skill with enough pierce. I guess I have to update the Phantom Hatchets Barb guide and make Double Throw mandatory.

I also farmed a lot with my goldfind zon, burning tons of gems to reroll a good circlet for the merc, but no real success except some circlets for my class chars. It seems holy freeze on equip is limited to lvl 6 on headgear. At least I mapled her bow almost to the limit, the last 2 dstonings will come with the level ups.


I tried to bring some order into my shared stash, freeing the first 9 pages from sets and uniques and moved the coupons from page 1 to page 9. First page will be reserved for stockers and quick transfers from now on, scrolls stay on page 2, 3-8 are for miscallenous rares and socketables (expecting some overflow here sooner or later), 9 for elite coupons, 10-70 for class specific items (10+ ama, 20+ assa etc), 80+ for the unique collection.


I played a bit with my craftsmen char, moving to WSK waypoint in Hell. The Ancients were not a real problem, even though they had fanatism aura and cursed. Only few quests and waypoints still lacking (mainly special areas), and with a few good crafts Ill enter the top 5 of the leaderboard. I want to continue the char after the tourney (with new equip) so investing some more time into her wont be a waste. Im aiming at a final standing between 3rd and 5th place, 1st or 2nd will take too much time.


Finished my Limbo Contest tournament char, albeit with a bad score (cant post it yet due to tourney restrictions).
I also recieved an Unknown Hero charm from trading, so my goldfind zon got a little bit better again.


added some thoughts about my random tourney assignment... no gametime friday-sunday


Started Diary. Ill mainly log the progress of my tourney chars and my main chars.


Continued the limbo char. Act 4 already, but the tough end is still to come.


  • Not if you're a Sorc, 3x +3 Fireball oskills will still only give you +3 FIreball total. So...only 1 of those items is really necessary. -- Blinn? 07-15-2008 (Tue) 21:27:57
  • What do you mean with native oskills not stacking? For different items you mean? If i've got 3 items with +3 Fireball oskill, won't I get level 9 Fireball oskill? -- SajberHippien? 07-15-2008 (Tue) 19:39:11
  • I still wouldnt put a native oskill into the most desirable category for that... it would rather be "useful" or maybe even "good". Oskill slots are limited and a completely new skill is worth more than a few points in a class skill. Native oskills also wont stack so having more than one would be useless. -- goeido 06-15-2008 (Sun) 18:50:18
  • I'd like to comment on your rare rating system...oskills *can* be highly desireable together with skills for the same class. As an example, I have a Necromancer who's planning to use a magic +3 Necro circlet with Skeleton Mastery/Vampire oskills...that gives me +6 to key summoner skills, with sockets and forging, I'll get +10. The ideal necro summoner helm IMO would be +2 necro, +2 summoning tab with 3+ to skeletons and 3+ to skeleton mastery, giving +11 to the most important skills for a physical damage skeleton summoner (a rare could theoretically add knowledgable and still get 3-soc, giving +12). Of course, it's only valuable if it's an oskill for a key skill, and has to be paired with near-perfect class skills to be worth anything. -- Verbatim? 06-15-2008 (Sun) 16:16:52
  • I'll be curious to see what your "bad" score is, Goeido. I finished my Limbo character as well. I definitely killed Baal at a level far lower than I ever had before, but whether or not that results in a good finish remains to be seen. -- Metro? 04-28-2008 (Mon) 13:44:44

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